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Access Mindomo directly from Moodle

When teachers and students access Mindomo from Moodle, their Mindomo accounts will be automatically created, and they will be able to start mind mapping without any additional login.

Step 1. Before adding the Mindomo Dashboard in the desired section of the Moodle course, make sure you enable the editing mode (1). Adding Mindomo Dashboard to Moodle will enable users to use Mindomo directly from the course, without having to log in independently.
Also, if a user doesn't have a Mindomo account, an account is automatically created when he/she accesses the Mindomo Dashboard link from Moodle.

Step 2. Go to the bottom right side of the course section and select "Add an activity or resource" (2).

Step 3. Choose "External Tool" (3) from the Activities panel and click on "Add" (4).

Step 4.

  • Type in "Mindomo Dashboard" (5) in the "Activity Name" section.
  • Set "Automatic, based on Launch URL" (6) in the "External tool type" section.
  • Add the "Launch URL" - (7). Notice that Mindomo consumer key and shared secret are automatically set.
  • Decide how Mindomo Dashboard will appear while accessing it from Moodle(8):
    • Embedded, but the Moodle blocks will still appear.
    • Embedded, with no additional information from Moodle.
    • Mindomo Dashboard will open in a new tab.
  • Save or cancel the configuration (9).

Step 5. See the Mindomo Dashboard link displayed in the course section (10). You can edit the configuration whenever it is necessary (11).

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