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Premium Features

  • Document Upload

    Provides easy upload of a document. Documents can be uploaded and attached to topics increasing the value of the delivered ideas.

  • Video and audio embedding

    Facilitates the visualization of information through multimedia. Audio recordings as well as video files can be used in subtopics as visual aids.

  • Password protected

    Users can keep their mind maps private. Sharing the password with other people will allow them to view and edit the mind maps.

  • Offline work and sync

    Working offline will get you ahead while synchronizing will make your work effort worthwhile.

  • iPad and Android sync

    Work on your device and synchronize your work with the online version.

  • 11 Export formats

    Export your maps to: PDF, RTF, TXT, OPML, MPX, HTML, PNG, XLS, Mindomo File, Freemind File, MindManager File.

  • 8 Import formats

    Import from TXT, OPML, Mindomo File, Freemind File, MindManager File, Mindmeister File, XMind File, File.

Uploading a file

  1. Select the topic where you want to upload the file
  2. Choose "Add Hyperlink & Attachments" on the left toolbar
Add Hyperlink and Attachments
  1. The "Hyperlink" box will appear.
  2. Select "Browse" button in order to search for the file you want to upload.
  1. After your file has been uploaded, you can visualize it attached to the selected subtopic and can open it by simply clicking on it.
Open file uploaded

Exporting a mind map as image

  1. Click on the Application Menu button.
  2. Select "Export" from the drop-down menu.
Exporting a mind map
  1. Choose the "Image File".
  2. Click Download.
  3. Click "Export to Google" to save your mind map into your Google Drive. Your Google Drive needs to be connected with your Mindomo account.
Exporting a mind map as image

Embedding a video and audio file

You have multiple options to add multimedia:

  1. Drag & Drop - select the file, drag it on the map and drop it in the Multimedia panel.
  2. Browse - upload the file from your computer.
  3. Attach Uploaded - upload the file from Mindomo.
  4. Quick Search - you can choose from:
  • Uploaded Multimedia - if you want to insert multimedia which you already uploaded in Mindomo.
  • YouTube - use Youtube to insert videos.
  • Vimeo - use Vimeo to insert videos.

After you search for the desired video or audio file, all you need to do is double click to select it and it will be automatically added to your subtopics.

Add multimedia
  1. To play the video simply click on the uploaded file.
Play the video

Uploading an audio file from the Multimedia Gallery

  1. Select the "Uploaded Multimedia" from the list
  2. Then select the audio file you want to upload
Uploading an audio file from the Audio Library

Setting a password for your map

  1. Select the mind map you want to place a password on.
  2. Then from the "More" drop-down menu, select "Properties".
More actions drop-down menu

A "Map properties" box will appear, which will allow you to access and change the information that is characteristic of your mind map.

  1. Check off the "Map protection" box.
  2. Then type in a password, confirm it, and click "Ok".
Map properties box

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