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Mind Map Manager

If you are looking for a Mind Map Manager, you are in the right place.

Even though most people look for new tools to organize their work and they start from scratch, some may look for more efficient alternatives when it comes to using a Mind Map Manager.

So if you're exploring the possibility of importing your work from other tools, you've found the right place. Mindomo is the perfect environment for you to bring in your work, documents and mind maps and continue your planning or brainstorming. Easy to use, with a large selection of available features, Mindomo is a good choice for a Mind Map Manager.

What is a Mind Map Manager?

Here are some key features which should be characteristic of an efficient Mind Map Manager:

  • an organized workspace or dashboard, where you can have a selective view of information regarding your mind maps and folders
  • an easy to share module for mind maps, which you can use to reach a lot more people than you would by word of mouth
  • Mindomo Mind Map Manager helps you keep all your information in the cloud and be 1 click away from your plans.
  • Mind Map Manager also offers you the possibility to store any useful information you need in different formats, including word, pdf, images or even audio messages.
  • Using a Mind Map Manager will simplify your workflow. Just imagine having all your resources stored in one place. Keeping yourself organized and having easy access to all your resources at once will enable you to focus much more on your tasks, concept creation and development.

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