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What factors lead to the Zhou's long reign?

Creation of The Mandate of Heaven

the creation of the mandate of heaven gave legitimacy to the Zhou’s rule

discouraged political opponents to overthrow the government as they were seen as legitimate, “chosen” to rule

Leaders ruled justly and made sure that they were popular among the citizens of China in order to keep the mandate of heaven

the lack of political opponents in the beginning of the Zhou’s rule and the well respected, non-corrupt leaders cause by the mandate contributed to the Zhou’s success and long reign

Innovations & technological progress

Advancement in agriculture

use of crop rotation

They created intricate canals that were able to transport large amounts of water for irrigation

Exponential population growth and standard of living raised;

led to the growth of trade and the processing industry as they did not have to focus on agriculture

economy flourished as a result

use of fertilizer and ox plows

iron tools were first produced

Advancement in warfare

development of crossbows;

Chariots were created and horses were used for the first time

iron weaponry and armor were first developed

Coins & Silk

the Zhou used bronze coins for the first time

made trade easier as they now had a standard way of buying and selling products

the creation of silk

greatly increased the economy of china as it was a valuable commodity

increased foreign relations with other countries such as india and Annam(Vietnam) due to the silk trade

Creation of Confucianism

fter the displacement of the Western Zhou (c.1050-771), The philosophy of Confucius (Confucianism) emerged and gained popularity

The emphasis on respecting hierarchy, order and moral leaders benefited the Zhou and reduced the chance of political instability gripping china as the citizens grew up respecting authority while the leaders ensured the collective happiness of citizens through just rulership.

Confucianism taught the importance of:

1) filial piety, or respect of children for their parents (family and hierarchy)

Importance of civility and harmony

the importance of ritual — state rituals and family rituals — for preserving universal order

Zhou Dynasties political structure

The Zhou dynasty Introduced the Feudal System

The king starts out with all of the land

He then sells his land to lords for soldiers

The lord gets farmers for peasants to work the land. In exchange for the lord’s protection, they give a portion of their food to their lord

How did this new form of governance create stability during Zhou Rule?

The feudal system allowed nobles to exercise higher amounts of control over the lower castes, lessening the chance of revolt

The increased amount of troops at the king's hands allowed the Zhou to contend with outside invasion easier

Better relationships between the noble class and emperor as he afforded the warlord ran states alot of independence and resources

How did the Zhou's newfound military prowess contribute to their long reign

able to conquer land and defend themselves from invasions

allowed for an extended period of peace were the Zhou dynasty experienced a golden age full of prosperity




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