Help And Support

Mindomo for Google Apps

In order to install Mindomo from Google Apps you should follow these steps:

1. As admin of the domain, you have to go to the administration page by clicking the "Settings" button (1) and selecting “Manage this domain” (2).

2. Go to “Marketplace app” (3) and select “Add Marketplace app” (4).

3. Search for Mindomo and click on “INSTALL APP” (5).

4. Grant Mindomo the permission to start installing (6).

5. In the popup that appears, please check off “I agree” (7) and click on “Accept” (8) to allow Mindomo to access your domain data.

6. To create an Education or Business account in Mindomo, click on “Additional app setup” (9) to go to Mindomo's setup page.

7. For Education accounts: Set “Education” (10) as the account type and enter your school name (11). Click “Create” to set the account.

8. For Business accounts: Set “Business” (12) as the account type and enter a name for your team folder (13). Click “Create”to set the account.

After setting your account, you will be able to access it by going to "Apps" (14) and then choosing Mindomo (15).

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