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Mind Map-based Assignments

Students can work individually or in groups to create mind maps on various subjects covered in your Desire2Learn courses. Students can work on these mind map assignments directly from Desire2Learn, without them having to create accounts or log into Mindomo. Furthermore, once students start their mind map assignments, teachers can access students' maps directly from Desire2Learn and grade them.

How to set up a Mindomo Assignment in Desire2Learn?

Step 1. Go to "Edit Course", then onto "External Learning Tools", and use the "New Link" button. (1)

Step 2.

  • Add the name of the assignment in the "Title" section (2).
  • Add in the URL section (3).
  • Check off "Allow users to view this link" in the Visibility section (4).
  • Check off signature with "Tool consumer key/secret" (5).
  • Make sure all Security Settings are checked off (6) and then click on "Save and Close".

Step 3. Bring the assignment's link in the course section:

  • Go to "Content".
  • Choose "Add Existing Activities", then "External Learning Tools" (7).
  • Select the Mindomo assignment from the list. The link will appear in the course section (8). You can view and edit the link whenever it is necessary (9).

How to create and work on a mind map assignment from Desire2Learn?

As a course owner, once you access the assignment's link from Desire2Learn, you will be able to set up and share a mind map assignment with students and other teachers:

Step 1. Select "View Topic" (1) to set up the assignment. The assignment will open in the "Settings" section.

Step 2. Choose one of the assignment types:

  • In order to complete the assignment, each student will have to submit an individual mind map (2).
  • Students will have to create and submit individual maps but they will use a mind map shared by you as a starting point (3). Click on "Choose" to select your map.
  • All students in the course will work collaboratively to create a new mind map or to edit a map shared by you (4).
  • You will be able to attach resources for this assignment (5) at anytime. When you are done editing the assignment, click on "Update Assignment" (6).

Once you click on "Update Assignment", you will create it in both Desire2Learn and Mindomo accounts.

After the assignment was created, each time you will access it you will be directed to the "Assignment Status" section, where you will be able to see how each student performed (7) and also engage in individual discussions (8) to help students with their assignment completion.

By clicking the 'Edit map' icon (9) you will have direct access to the mind map.

To see all changes on map, go to the Main Menu, then to "Tools" and "View changes for map" (10).

You can grade (11) each student's performance and see all the grades for all students working on the assignment (12).

Each student is graded separately, by selecting him from the list (13) and filling in the grade in its box (14).

As soon as you select the student, all details of his activity on the map will appear below (15) and you can discuss privately with him (16).

Students who received a grade already will appear highlighted with green (17).

To see all grades and download a grading report, go to "Grades", then to "Grades Overview" (18), and click on "Download" (19).

How will students work on their mind map assignments from Desire2Learn?

Once students will click on the assignment's link from Desire2Learn course section for the first time, they will be able to:

  • Start the assignment (1).
  • Attach another mind map to the assignment (2).
  • Engage in an individual discussion with the teacher who assigned them the task (3).
  • Once students return to an assignment already begun, they have to click on "Continue Assignment" (4).
  • When they are ready with the assignment, they can submit it (5).
  • They can restart their assignment at any time (6), but previous work will be lost – they will be notified before the assignment is restarted.
  • Also, they can check their grades (7) anytime they want to.

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