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Manage your to-dos with Task Mind Maps

See how to rely on Mindomo to help you follow up to-dos, assign tasks to co-workers and get things done.

Creating a task map

To work on a new task map, you need to go to your dashboard, choose 'Task Mind Map' (2) and click on 'Create'.

Adding tasks

The task map will open, add new tasks by clicking the "+" icon in the upper toolbar (3) or from the context menu (4).

Or you can use the TAB and ENTER keys to quickly create task lists (5) and divide them in smaller, assignable tasks (6). Tasks and sub-tasks are organized hierarchically which gives everyone a clear overview of all tasks and their priority.

Assigning tasks and setting deadlines and reminders

To assign a task to a co-worker, open the Comments panel (7), give some guidelines about the task completion process (8), add the assignee (9), and click on 'Add comment'.

As soon as the assignee and the deadline (10) are set, an e-mail message is automatically sent to the person completing the task (11).

Also, all collaborators on the map will receive email notifications when tasks are completed or updated (12).

Attaching files and resources

You can add files from your computer, Google Drive or Dropbox just by dragging and dropping them on the task (13).

You will be able to add a comment to the newly added file (14).

The files attached to a topic can be found under the attachments icon (15).

Navigating through tasks maps

If the task map gets too complex, use the drill-down feature (16) to temporarily hide some of the information and focus on a certain task list (17).

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