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What is a Mind Map?

Mind maps are tools that enhance thinking and learning.

What is a mind map good for?

A mind map is mainly useful for summarizing and organizing the information you receive and collect from different sources. Mind maps help you sort out complex problems by breaking them down into smaller manageable parts that are easier to handle and grasp. The list below contains a list of benefits that you can enjoy as you structure information on a mind map:

  • Organize ideas creatively
  • Make associations among concepts
  • Solve problems efficiently
  • Enhance the creativity of your thoughts
  • Communicate more clearly with others by assigning specific tasks to your team members
  • Keep a focused mind
  • Create interactive presentations
  • Identify crucial issues
  • Increase your productivity
  • Brainstorm new ideas

When people ask us "What is a mind map?" we often respond: "It can be anything"

Basically, a mind map can be defined as a simple hierarchy of information having a tree like structure. Taking notes on a piece of paper, or listed comments can be time consuming and may interfere with the natural work flow. However, adding comments and taking notes on a mind map, you can get around those limitations and keep your information structure intact.

You may ask an expert "What is a mind map?" No matter how many experts you are asking to answer your question, chances are you will receive a variety of answers depending on their field of expertise. However, most of them would agree that a mind map is a perfect illustration of how the brain works, mainly because the human brain functions through associations and interprets the elements of the surrounding environment through visual perceptions.

As our brains are exposed to new information, images and experiences, they need to have the ability to manage that information properly. In this context, mind mapping comes in as a handy tool which allows our brains to organize information in a similar format as it occurs in our minds, making the most of: key words, pictures, images , numbers, audio notes and video files.

So, next time someone demands a straightforward explanation of what a mind map is, you may simply say that: a mind map is a visual thinking tool that our mind is using in order to interpret and structure information, solve issues and improve team brainstorming.

Where can you use mind mapping and what is a mind map good for?

  • Writing complex projects, papers, development strategies
  • Planning out marketing strategies, product launching ideas, lesson plans,
  • Teaching new lessons
  • Creating engaging assignments
  • Making presentations ake notes
  • Thinking creatively

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