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Sharing mind maps

Share map

  1. By default, the map is private but you can change its settings to make it public.
  2. You can choose to password protect the map if you are a premium user.
  3. Share the map via e-mail.
  4. Set editing rights.
  5. Click on 'Send'.
  6. You can also use the share link – it will be copied in your clipboard. When a user accesses this link, the map will open in view mode if you made it public or it will open in the editor if you shared it with that specific user via email.
  1. You can also share your maps from the dashboard.

Publish map

  1. Change the map access from private to public, then choose if:
  2. The mind map will be public in the Mindomo Gallery so that anyone can view it.
  3. The mind map will be accessible for anyone who has the map link.
  4. Anyone who has the map link can both view and edit the map using fully premium features.
  5. Click on 'Save'.
  6. Use direct links to give view access over the mind map, embed it, view it as RSS and HTML.
Map Publishing
Map Publishing
Map Publishing

Editors Rights

  1. Editors are allowed to add people and change the permissions.
  2. Only the owner can change the permissions.
Editors Rights

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