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Creating and saving maps in Mindomo Desktop

Learn how to create and edit your mind maps. Once you finished your work, see how to save the maps locally or in the cloud.

To create a new map, you first have to choose your map type from the Dashboard - blank mind map, task map, concept map, organigram or tree organigram (1). Next, click on the Create button (2).

To quickly add content, use the + icon (3) in the top toolbar or the TAB and ENTER shortcuts from your keyboard. You can also use 'Insert Subtopic/ Topic' (4) from the context menu. From the same menu you can change the font size and color, topic theme, layout and shape (5).

You will want to save your work (6) as you go along.

At first, the map will be saved both on your computer (7) and in your Desktop app(8).

Once the map is saved, all further editings will be saved automatically in the Desktop app. Whenever you will want to save a copy of the map on your computer, go to the Main Menu and select 'Save as' (9).

Also, you can save your map by going to 'Export' (10) and choosing from the great variety of export formats (11).

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