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Turning mind maps into outlines and presentations

Mindomo allows you to turn your mind map into an outline and even showcase the map as a presentation. See how this works.

Turn your mind map into an outline

To view your map as an outline, go to the Main Menu and choose 'View as outline' (1).

The mind map will open in the outline mode where you can make further editings (2).

You can return to the mind map view whenever you like (3).

Any note from the mind map will also appear in the outline view (4).

Outlines can be created from scratch by selecting 'Outline' (5), then 'Create'.

Working on the outline

Expand and collapse the content by clicking on + and - .

Use the ENTER and TAB keyboard shortcuts to edit your outline. Also, the F6 shortcut will let you focus on specific content (2).

Use the SHIFT + ENTER shortcut to add an explanatory note in your outline. This note will also appear in the mind map view (3).

The Undo and Redo buttons (4) will take you from the very first version of your outline to the last one.

If you will want to collaborate with others on the outline, you will first have to move it to the cloud by going to 'Sync and Save Online' (5) and entering your email and password from your online Mindomo account.

Once the outline is uploaded online, you can share it same way you share a mind map (6).

When you finish working on your outline, you can quickly print it (7).

You can also export it in a great variety of formats (8).

Turn your map into a presentation

After you finish working on your map, you can showcase it by turning it into a presentation (1).

In the presentation mode, you will be able to do the following actions:

  1. Undo/Redo
  2. Set the order in which the slides appear
  3. Play the presentation
  4. Insert a new slide
  5. Delete slide
  6. return to the map

Creating presentation slides

To add a new slide, Use the '+' icon in the top toolbar (1) or the shortcut SHIFT + mouse drag (2).

After you created a slide, you can add or remove a topic by selecting the slide, pressing CTRL from the keyboard and clicking on the topic (3). Another option would be to use the Context Menu on the slide (4).

You can arrange your slides by dragging them with your mouse in the Slide list (5).

At any point you can delete a slide from the top toolbar (6) or Context Menu (7), or with the Delete shortcut from your keyboard.

When you have topics within in a Slide but they have subtopics of their own that are outside the slide, you can show them as collapsed (8).

To resize a slide, grab its corners and drag to your desired size (9). As you cover topics, they will be included in the slide.

Play the presentation

Play your presentation by entering the Play Mode (1) or using F5 from your keyboard. You can go along either from the slides progress bar (2) or with Previous and Next buttons (3).

Also, you can use keyboard shortcuts such as: Space, "+" and "-", Left and Right arrows, Up and Down arrows, or even Page Up and Page Down.

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