Help And Support

Map notes, attachments, images and videos

The content in your map needs to be brief in order to be easy to follow. Still, you can add depth to it by creating notes, attaching links, images and videos from the internet.

Whenever you feel the content is not self-explanatory, consider adding explanatory relationships (1) and notes (2).

To customize the relationship's appearance, click on the relationship and then on the small arrow (3) that appears in the box on the curve.

Enrich your maps by adding images from the Mindomo Gallery (4), the internet (5) and even from your computer (6).

You can also add relevant videos from YouTube or Vimeo (7) and icons (8).

You have several options to add hyperlinks and attachments: by pasting the link (9), dragging and dropping the file (10) or browsing it on your computer (11).

If you are working on small projects, you might want to create tasks (12) and follow up on them by adding comments (13).

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