Help And Support

Create a class and add students to it

  1. Go to 'Share' and select 'Add from class or school'.
  1. Go to 'More' and select 'Create a new class'.
  1. Name the class (3), add a location for it (4) and click on 'Create' (5). You will be notified that the class was created successfully.
  1. To add students to a class, go to 'Add students from school' (6), select the students you are interested in (7), and click on 'Add selected students to class' (8).
  1. To share an assignment with a class you created, select the class from the list (9)
  1. Select the entire class or maybe just some of the students in it (10) and click on 'Add selected students to assignment' (11). All students, except the ones with accounts with no e-mail, will receive an e-mail invitation.

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