Do you ask for a plastic bag
when you go shopping?



Each year, an estimated
1 trillion plastic bags are
consumed worldwide.
That comes out to over
1 MILLION per minute

The biggest problem with
plastic bags is that it takes t
hem 20 to 1000 years to

Only 1 percent of plastic
bags are recycled. Up to 80
percent of ocean plastic pollution
enters the ocean from land.

Did you know that the
world's largest collection
of ocean garbage is three
times the size of France?

Microplastic contamination
has been found in tap water
in countries all around the world.

Congratulations! With this
decision you helped to protect
our environment and marine life

What should I use instead?
1) Reusable Tote Bags
2) Reusable Produce Bags
3) Reusable Storage Bags

Think of the future of your
descendants. Do you really
want to offer them a future
on a pile of rubbish?