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There are many mind mapping softwares available, encompassing various features which can respond to your needs more or less. Some have expensive features that you will never need or use, others are too basic to get your work done. Mindomo offers you a large array of features, from simple to more complex ones, allowing you to focus on your work instead of focusing on the tool itself.

Mindomo respects your time, with a carefully selected feature set, platform flexibility, quick setup, and a short learning curve. By choosing Mindomo you choose to:


Escape from the things that slow you down. Escape from trying to hold everything in your mind at once. Escape from trying to think and write in a linear pattern only.

Mind Mapping with Mindomo gives you freedom to think and work the way that suits you best.


Reaching beyond your potential represents one of the first steps that you need to take in order to discover your strengths as well as your weaknesses. With Mindomo you can unblock your thinking by capturing the details of every thoughts.

As you reflect on the big picture of your thinking process, you can easily identify the creative structure of your thoughts, which was there to begin with.


The best way to understand something is to visualize it. You don't even have to explain it to someone else - explaining things to yourself is a powerful way to learn and understand new concepts and use them in a practical way.

With Mindomo, you become your own tutor, learning how to think like a problem solver not a problem maker.


Communication is about knowing yourself, knowing the people around you and learning how to interact with each other by building bridges of trust and respect. If you are not willing to listen to others and share your ideas with them in a focused and organized way, do not expect others to understand you either. Mindomo can help you become a better communicator as it offers you the best context to develop your critical thinking and to share your ideas with other collaborators.

Sharing your thoughts with Mindomo can be a rewarding experience: the more you choose to collaborate with others the richer you become as a person.

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