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Mind Mapping Examples

Here are some mind mapping examples that you can use to make plans according to your area of interest. Some mind mapping tools offer you templates that you can use as examples, but you should not be restricted to only using those.

As you can see in this image, this is an example of a classical mind map.

You start off with a central topic.

Mind Mapping Examples

Then you may continue by adding subtopics that are closely related to your main topic. This mind map example will help you create an easy to use outline for developing a simple idea and for undertaking actions and tactics that will help you succeed. In order to have a powerful and successful mind mapping example we will also have to talk about images and videos. Images are very strong communicators.

No matter the field, mind mapping examples include a variety of pictures and videos. However, there needs to be a balance between the amount of images which are being used the the already created content. Using too many pictures without having relevant content, will only be appealing for a certain target group. To make sure that a mind map is also meaningful its content should also be very well structured and well-balanced. Also, with Mindomo mind mapping software, you can use audio recordings on any of the mind map topics. You can briefly explain a topic with your recorded voice. This is adding value to your mind map content.

Another possibility which you have to create a good mind mapping example is to make the most of organizational charts. This mind mapping feature will help you have a better view on the structure of your management team, with the option of including all employees on separate mind map branches.

Educational mind mapping examples help teachers assign mind maps that already have a defined shape, and can be shared with students in order to encourage collaboration, creativity and critical thinking as they start using their imagination. Educational mind mapping examples also help students to take leadership roles as they get involved in collaborative brainstorming sessions with other colleagues.

Instructors, consultants and managers also use mind mapping examples to better manage projects, to assign tasks to colleagues or collaborators and to facilitate group participation for all team members. By using mind mapping examples, you simplify your workflow and optimize the time that you spend on each task.

Create your own mind maps

Mindomo allows you to create your own mind mapping examples. You can easily create mind mapping examples and share them with other people, who can contribute with more ideas as they edit your map. Once you've created a mind map on a certain idea, you can start inviting partners, associates or other collaborators to present their ideas and to come up with their own mind mapping example.

Mind mapping represents a great technique for organizing events, conferences, for launching a product, sketching client requirements and creating a powerful context for developing any type of project. We suggest you visit our Public Maps gallery and see what mind mapping examples fit you best.

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