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The Art of Care


“True progress quietly and persistently
moves along without notice.”
―St. Francis Of Assisi

“Wisdom begins in wonder.”-Sokrates

"It is the fact that anyone can trust the methods which makes it possible to select random volunteers during live events and demonstrate those methods. I do not know the precise outcome of a sequence when I begin it. But I know that it will constructive for the receiver and fulfilling for me as the provider of care."--MB


Sequences consist each of multiple parts/methods.

The Approach


The demonstrations need to be complete in order to reduce distortion of the contents

Methods in Isolation



"You cannot expect people so easily to say what you show is great, because usually that implies that a person recognizes that what they are doing is not as good."--MB


The Need to Unlearn

"For sure even I would do certain things now different when I see them in the demonstrations."--MB


Importance of

Connect the intervention with the effect

In order to allow anyone to learn about and develop an understanding of what effect an intervention can have and how it is necessary that both, the intervention and the effect are made accessible and perceivable.




Behrends, Matthias (2019): The Emotion Coaching System: Reflections on Transparency and Clarity Through Demonstrations

It is more important what is inside the box than what the label says



Just because a method is popular it does not automatically have to be effective.

Popularity is a very weak indicator for quality of coaching methods - mostly because true comparisons are missing.

Inner Safe Place

Instead of just talking about your method,
approach, theory or whatever - show me.
Just show me what you do, how you do it.
Let everyone see for themselves.

In order to trust anything - a person, a new
car - would you not want to be able to see,
try, feel for yourself? Yes, we usually expect
that. Just with psychological methods we
got used to buying a pig in a poke.

To everybody advocating psychological
methods I say: "Stop only talking about
methods. Show us!"

Transparency in the ECS


The complexity of evidence



The "evidence of the senses"

“The litmus test is not what we believe it's what we see.”―Tony Blauer

Scientific evidence

“If then the doctrine I have set forth is clearer
and more luminous than daylight itself; if it is
derived entirely from Natureʹs source; if my
whole discourse relies throughout for
confirmation on the unbiased and
unimpeachable evidence of the senses; if
lisping infants, nay even dumb animals,
prompted by Natureʹs teaching, almost find
voice to proclaim that there is no welfare but
pleasure, no hardship but pain — and their
judgment in these matters is neither
sophisticated nor biased — ought we not to
feel the greatest gratitude to him who caught
this utterance of Natureʹs voice, and grasped
its import so firmly and so fully that he has
guided all saneminded men into the paths of
peace and happiness, calmness and repose?”

Cicero, Marcus Tullius (1931): De finibus
bonorum et malorum. Second edition.
London, New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons;
William Heinemann (Loeb classical library
[Latin authors]).

Putting Actions Into Words

“Words should inspire action; otherwise, words are mere rhetoric camouflaging nothingness, concealing merely empty or illusory feelings and opinions.”
Stein, Edith: Woman's formation. Available online at
"Woman’s formation" by Edith Stein checked on 6/6/2019.

“What we have forgotten is that thoughts
and words are conventions, and that it is
fatal to take conventions too seriously. A
convention is a social convenience, as, for
example, money ... but it is absurd to take
money too seriously, to confuse it with real
wealth ... In somewhat the same way,
thoughts, ideas and words are "coins" for
real things.”―Alan Wilson Watts, The Wisdom of
Insecurity: A Message for an Age of Anxiety


(The right kind/amount of) Spectacle

Gladiator | Turning Spectacle into a Meaningful Story


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