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Digestive System

Digestion= the process by whcich your body breaks down food into small nutrient molecules


involuntary waves of muscle conditions that move food in 1 direction

Accessory Organs

Liver. Gall Blader. Pancreas. Salivary Glands. stores glucose for homeostasis. stores bile. Realese digestive enzymes.

3 main functions of Digestion

break down food. absorb and carry molecules and bring them everywhere in the body. eliminate waste. Two Types of Digestion. Absorpstion. Chemical. Mechanical. nutrient molecules pass through digestive system. materials not used leave the body. Stomach. Small Intestine. Chemicals produced by the body called enzymes break food down. Large Intestine. Food is physically broknen down. when you chew its pre-breaking down food. uses teeth, stomach muscles. J shaped pouch/ holds up 2 liters of food. After you ate most solid foods become a thick liquid. recieve help from liver and pancreas. villi are in this location. contain bacteria that feed on material. Materials move through large intestine. water is absorbed. help with absorption.

Cellular Respiration Relates To Digestion

Taking in energy and storing for later use.

Parts of Digestive Track

Mouth. esophagus. stomach. small intestine. large intestine.