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Types of films

A horror film

A film that scares you.

A science fiction film

A film set in the future, or an imaginary world and time.

An action film

A film with lots of chases, violence and strong heroes.

A comedy

A film that makes you laugh.

A drama

A film about human relationships and life.

A thriller

A film that keeps you excited.

A period drama

A drama set in a definite historical period.

A romantic comedy

A comedy that is also a love story.


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Words with "film"

A film review: A report about a film, usually with opinion A film critic: A person who writes film reviews A film premiere: The first time a film is shown in a country A film star: A famous actor from films A film-maker: A person who makes films: a film director A film festival: A special event when many different films are shown A film buff: Someone with a very detailed knowledge of films A film-goer: Someone who regularly goes to the cinema


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