Matthias Behrends


Sobre Matthias Behrends (MB), creador del "Trabajo Emocional Profundo"

Creator of "Deep Emotional Work" and "Deep Emotional Self-Care"

Creador del "Trabajo Emocional Produndo" y "Autocuidado Emocional Profundo"

After studying medicine at the University of Heidelberg, MB co-founded the nonprofit organization "Healing Souls International" with his teacher and mentor, Dr. Charlotte Baltrusch, a German psychotrauma-therapist with more than three decades of experience. The organization received SAP's "Social Impact Startup" award in 2014.

Tras estudiar medicina en la Universidad de Heidelberg, MB cofundó la organización sin ánimo de lucro "Healing Souls International" con su maestra y mentora, la Dra. Charlotte Baltrusch, una psicoterapeuta alemana con más de tres décadas de experiencia. La organización recibió el premio "Social Impact Startup" de SAP en 2014.

MB and Dr. Baltrusch organized and conducted training in emotional work in several countries, including India, Romania, and Colombia. MB facilitated Dr. Baltrusch's development of her system for intensive psychotrauma-therapy.

MB y la Dra. Baltrusch organizaron y dirigieron la formación en trabajo emocional en varios países, como India, Rumanía y Colombia. MB facilitó a la Dra. Baltrusch el desarrollo de su sistema de psicoterapia intensiva.

Since Dr. Baltrusch's retirement, MB has been continually developing DEEP EMOTIONAL WORK, which is currently exclusively licensed to "Emotion Coaching", another Germany-based nonprofit founded by MB.

Desde la jubilación de la Dra. Baltrusch, MB ha estado desarrollando continuamente el TRABAJO EMOCIONAL PROFUNDO, que actualmente tiene licencia exclusiva para "Emotion Coaching", otra organización sin ánimo de lucro con sede en Alemania fundada por MB.

As well as emotional work, MB is the founder and author of a medical training academy in the German language for international physicians. The academy is the largest of its kind, with over 11,000 physicians benefitting from its courses and materials.

Además del trabajo emocional, MB es el fundador y autor de una academia de formación médica en lengua alemana para médicos internacionales. La academia es la más grande de su tipo, con más de 11.000 médicos que se benefician de sus cursos y materiales.


Startup Elevator Pitch: "BW-Pitch" (3rd place) for Healing Souls International


The Pitch (2015)

Winner of Social Impact
Startup Pitch (Healing Souls
International) (2014)


Social Impact Start Pitch in Mannmein

Finalist and Member of Medical
Excellence-Network of Manfred
Lautenschläger-Foundation and MLP



... and the work of his teams and collaborators, respectively

Hans, Julian (2008/2009): "Bücher sind nicht alles". In DIE ZEIT - Studienführer, pp. 120–129.


"Einer, der viel zu sagen hat, aber trotzdem nicht verlernt hat, zuzuhören."

Erschienen in DIE ZEIT []

"One who has a lot to say, but knows when to listen."

As featured in DIE ZEIT Studienführer []

"Uno que tiene mucho que decir, y sabe cuándo escuchar."

Como aparece en DIE ZEIT Studienführer []

Lohs, Cornelia (2016): Heidelberg, Porträt einer Stadt. Meßkirch: Gmeiner Verlag (Stadtporträts im GMEINER-Verlag).

Book-Release; Picture by Lohs, Cornelia (2016)


Ofenloch, Rüdiger (2014): Hilfe für die Seele.


"Help for the Soul"

"Man kann das Trauma nicht einfach ausgraben und sagen: So, da ist es. Man muss gleichzeitig nach kraftgebenden Beziehungen und Erinnerungen suchen, und diese mit speziellen Methoden verstärken."

"You can't just dig up the trauma and say, 'There it is.' You have to look for stabilizing relationships and memories at the same time and reinforce them with specific methods."

"No se puede sacar el trauma y decir: ahí está. Hay que buscar relaciones y recuerdos estabilizadores al mismo tiempo, y reforzarlos con métodos específicos".

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Emotion Coaching gUG



So Everybody May Thrive

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Founder & CEO (2015-present)

Legal Form:

Nonprofit "gUG" (Berlin, Germany)



German medical terminology for health care professionals from abroad

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Creator, author

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Project of Emotion Coaching gUG



Healing Souls
International gUG


For Life After Survival

Für das Leben nach dem Überleben

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with Dr. med. Charlotte Baltrusch

CEO (2015-2020)

Legal form:

Nonprofit "gUG" (Germany)


dissolved in 2022

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