Symbols / Legend

Point of Information

Rules by which the MindMaps are designed:

The Mindmap structure was intentionally used to display information as a network, rather than a linear string in a fixed order.

However, there is some order to the sections of each map: the intended "Start" is at the top right (1 o'clock) moving clockwise around the circle reaching its "end" at 11 o'clock, respectively.


For technical reasons, links are either...

small Icons, like this one here, easy to overlook :) >

hierarchy level up, for example:

Go back to The ECS

Back to the EC Academy

Related Topics

anything related to the topic of the map and ideas for further reading/studying - so far as not covered already by links elsewhere in the map

Like this one...




recommended under certain conditions

not recommended


Attention / Important

Points of importanceto avoid misunderstandingsto indicate common issues, problems, challenges, misunderstandings


avoid misunderstandings and confusion

Content I perceive unique, standing out from the typical approach.

I know that nothing is truly unique. There will be someone else who shares this approach or opinion. Fortunately! Still, I consider statements marked with this icon to be a bit contrary to established and widely prevalent concepts.

Who is "I"?

"I" refers to me, the author, Matthias Behrends.

a meta-level topic or map




potential error

Ask a Question

Found a symbol that is not explained here? Please let us know at


Unless otherwise specified, content is provided in English - the primary language of the EC Academy.

Access is conditional

Progress / Status


As indicated by pictogram.ETA's can and will usually not be provided.

ready / up-to-date

almost done

about half done

work has just begun

not started

subject to constant updates

Mistakes I am aware of, not fixed yet

slight mistakes


Relevance for User Groups

Care for yourself & care for others

For nonprofessionals & professionals

Mainly for professionals

Level of Importance

Please note that the indicated relevance reflects my perspective as a teacher in relation to the big picture. Your individual perception of relevance might differ depending on your specific perspective, background, and question you have to the material.The relevance level propagates to child items. That means that all sub-items of a map which is labeled as priority [1] are to be considered a [1] as well - unless otherwise labeled with a lower priority. I am trying to minimize the use of icons for a cleaner experience.




Child items inherit parent Level unless otherwise stated.

For example, this is Level [1]

This is also Level 1, since it inherited the level from the parent item.

This is Level 2

You've finished your presentation