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Alexander Gómez G.
Clinical Director of Comunidad Terapéutica San Bartolomé, Rionegro, Colombia


Nunca pensé en la magnitud de que algo tan simple tuviera un impacto tan grande.

The Seminar Group





In the meantime, the former "ETK (Essential Toolkit)" has evolved into the collection of materials you can access for free or with a free account on the EC website.


"Buenos días Matthias, en verdad el agradecimiento debe ser para ti; realmente me ha parecido un espacio maravilloso, [...] además del aprendizaje, es una experiencia personal maravillosa que me ha permitido descubrir muchas cosas. Es algo que necesitaba en este momento de mi vida. Espero seguir aprendiendo y aprovechando mucho el espacio contigo, ya que esto es algo transcendental en mi carrera como Terapeuta y en mi vida personal." [Ref 10/2018]

"... I have to thank you. It was really a beautiful experience. [...] in addition to what I learned, I could discover so much more. This was something I needed at this moment in my life. I hope that I will keep learning and enjoying the seminar with you. It is something transcendental for my career as therapist as well as my personal life." [Ref 10/2018]



Workshop participants usually receive audios for further use and practice of the methods presented in the sessions. This is what this participant is referring to here.

"How nice to hear your voice again and use this beautiful technique. Thanks a lot, Matthias, this time I could connect with my Safe Place and will use it whenever I need it. For now, I am feeling much better. The healing power of your voice and words is incredible. [...]"

I would like to comment on this passage: "The healing power of your voice and words is incredible."

I am happy, that the technique was experienced in such a positive way. But it is equally important to me to disconnect my ego from the effects of the methods.

It is the methods that work - and they work through you. You matter - but without the methods you would be a "toothless tiger" - just full of good intentions. Refine your performance of the methods and learn what matters, observe what works. This way you will learn to trust the methods - and that will increase your effectiveness even more. Your "inner state" is an important part of the performance of the methods. But I am strongly opposing the notion that one (including myself) has an arbitrary "healing force" (or something similar), which is merely an esoteric concept.



Yes, many people comment on my voice in a positive way and describe it in terms like "soothing", "soft" etc. - and that certainly helps the process. The "voice" is a combination of its natural sound and intonation. The latter can be influenced and learned.

Your Voice as a Tool

The "words" are part of the method - and that compliment I accept. I keep on emphasizing the importance of the precise wording when performing the methods.

The Importance of Words When Performing

Press & Media

Documentary Filmmakers:

"[...] we were filming an emotional documentary about human trafficking in South Asia. The film had a direct impact on several of the filmmakers and we noticed their mood change and requested [Matthias Behrends] to work with each filmmaker. Weeks after the sessions my coworkers were still practicing different techniques [...] recommended and it helped them a lot. I would defiantly recommend [...]."
--Casey Allred

Casey Allred

"[...] estábamos rodando un emotivo documental sobre la trata de personas en el sur de Asia. La película tuvo un impacto directo en varios de los cineastas y notamos que su estado de ánimo cambiaba y le pedimos a [Matthias Behrends] que trabajara con cada cineasta. Semanas después de las sesiones, mis compañeros seguían practicando las diferentes técnicas [...] recomendadas y les ayudó mucho. Definitivamente, recomendaría [...]".
--Casey Allred


LOR by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang U. Eckart

"... habe ich das vielseitige soziale und
ehrenamtliche Engagement von Herrn
Behrends beobachtet und bewundert."

"... I have observed and admired the diverse voluntary commitments of Mr Behrends."

"Das von ihm initiierte Besuchsprojekt für
PflegeheimbewohnerInnen hat weithin auch
in der Presse Anerkennung gefunden und
gab Anlass, seine Reflexionen über das
Projekt als Beitrag in das von mir
herausgegebene "Handbuch Sterben und
" (DeGruyter, 2012)

"The project for visiting residents of a nursing home that was initiated by him has found recognition in the press. This gave rise to my decision to include his reflections about the project in my publication 'Handbook Dying and Human Dignity (DeGruyter, 2012)'"


Visiting till the end of life. The story of a student-led visiting service for residents of a nursing home. Published in "Handbook Dying and Human Dignity"


translated by MB


"In gemeinsamer Initiative mit einer
Psychotherapeutin organisierte er
Weiterbildungs-Kurse in Traumatherapie in
Deutschland, Rumänien, Indien (3x) und
Kolumbien (2x)."

"Together with a psychotherapist he organized courses in (psycho)trauma-therapy in Germany, Romania, India (3x), and Colombia (2x)."


"In der Gesamtschau ist das soziale
Engagement von Herrn Behrends für einen
Medizinstudenten außergewöhnlich."

"In conclusion, the voluntary commitment of Mr Behrends is extraordinary for a medical student."

[MB] I have studied medicine for ~10 years and have been enrolled to medical school for even longer - yet I have decided not to graduate many years ago with no regrets. Apart from this I consider my academic years and training as essential for everything I do now in the sphere of educating health care professionals and other professionals for their jobs and lives.

About Testimonials

Testimonials should never be enough to establish authority or trust. Neither towards me, the ECS, nor anywhere else.

"Anybody - including any idiot - can find somebody who will say that their influence or work has changed their lives for the better."-MB

Since it is a custom and still may serve to provide some kind of transparency, some references and testimonials are presented here.

Transparency in the ECS


Due to the nature of my work, many clients and seminar participants opt out of giving testimonials since it might disclose too much personal information.

Most feedback is shared verbally and there is little possibility to conserve it.

As a consequence, despite the large number of individuals who have been exposed to seminars or interventions only a few testimonials remain. But of course, it is not about quantity (else I would also contradict my point from above) - but rather the quality, i.e. depth, of any feedback I receive.

The Permalink to the ECS Testimonials is https://testimonials.emotioncoaching.net (currently redirects to this mindmap).