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Access Mindomo directly from itslearning

When teachers and students access Mindomo from itslearning, their Mindomo accounts will be automatically created, and they will be able to start mind mapping without any additional login.

To start using Mindomo directly from itslearning, you need to add a new Mindomo LTI tool in your itslearning course.

Step 1. Log into itslearning and select your course.

Step 2. Click on 'Add' and then on 'LTI tool'.

Step 3.

  • Name the tool (example: Mindomo LTI) (3).
  • Add the 'Url' - (4).
  • Set the tool as 'Public' (5).
  • Add Application key and Shared secret (6).
  • Set any other details (description, if the tool is active/not, if the tool will open in the existing tab or in a different one, etc.) (7).
  • Click on 'Save' (8).

This is how the Mindomo tool you added will look like (9):

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