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Attaching mind maps to itslearning

You can add mind maps to your itslearning courses. This way, students can view and edit the maps without having to create their Mindomo accounts or log into Mindomo independently.

This method of attaching a mind map to your itslearning course is different from simply embedding it.

While embedding:

  • You need to make your map public (therefore accessible to everyone that has the embed link).
  • Your map can only be viewed, not edited.

While attaching a map through LTI:

  • Your map remains private, and the students/teachers who have access to your itslearning course will be able to view or edit it without you explicitly sharing them the map.
  • If your students or fellow teachers don't have Mindomo accounts, and they are accessing your attached Mindomo map, new accounts will be created for them automatically.

How to add a viewable mind map into itslearning

Step 1. Log into itslearning and select your course.

Step 2. Click on 'Add' and then on 'LTI tool'.

Step 3.

  • Set a title for the map (3).
  • Add the 'Url' - (4).
  • Set the tool as 'Public' (5).
  • Add Application key and Shared secret (6).
  • Set any other details (description, if the tool is active/not, if the tool will open in the existing tab or in a different one, etc.) (7).
  • Click on 'Save' (8).

This is how the Mindomo mind map you added will look like in itslearning (9):

The map ID is the last sequence of letters and numbers in the mind map's URL, after the last "/" sign (10).

How to add an editable mind map in itslearning?

Follow exactly the same steps as above, except from:

Step 3.

  • add the 'Url' (11).

This is how the Mindomo mind map you added will look like (12):

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