Leadership that Gets Results Daniel Goleman's Six leadership styles


"Try this"

Develops people for the future

Used for helping an employee improve performance or develop long term strengths

Positive impact on climate


"Do as I do, now"

Sets high standards for performance

Used for getting quick results from a highly motivated and competent team

Negative impact on cllimate


"Do what I tell you"

Demands immediate compliance

Best used in a crisis, to kick start a turnaround, or with problem employees

Negative impact on climate


"Come with me"

Mobilizes people towards a vision

Used when changes require a new vision, or when a clear direction is needed

Positive impact on climate


"People come first"

Creates harmony and builds emotional bonds

To heal rifts in a team or to motivate people during stressful circumstances

Positive impact on climate


"What do you think?"

Forges consensus through participation

Used for building buy-in or consensus, or to get input from valuable employees

Positive impact on climate

Emotional Intelligence

Developing others,
empathy, self-awareness

drive to achieve, initiative

Collaboration, team leadership, communication

Emotional Intelligence

Drive to achieve,
initiative, self-control

Self-confidence, empathy,
change catalyst

Empathy, building
relationships, communication