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Working on previously created maps

See how you can access and edit the maps you formerly created online or in the Desktop app, or by using other mind mapping apps.

To work on any of the maps you previously created using Mindomo Desktop, go to 'Recent' maps (1) and click on the map (2).

To access your online maps and work on them offline, go to 'Open Online' (3). Add the email address and password (4) with which you are registered in Mindomo and click on 'Login'.

Select your map (5) from the panel and click on 'Download & Open' (6).

At first, you will be saving your map on your computer (7).

Once the map is saved locally, it will open in the Desktop app (8) and you can start working on it. Changes on this map will only be available in the Desktop app, to make them available in the cloud use the 'Sync & Save Online' functionality.

Accessing and working on maps saved in other file formats is also possible. Go to 'Open' (9) and browse for the file (10).

Select it (11) and click on 'Open'.

The Desktop app will import the map file (12) and you can start editing.

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