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Online synchronization and collaboration with Mindomo Desktop

Mindomo lets you create mind maps, concept maps, and task maps locally and upload them online for easy sharing.

Syncing local maps online

In addition to creating and working on your map locally, Mindomo lets you save it online, along with all the attached files (1).

Add your email and password with which you are registered in Mindomo and click on 'Login' (2). If you don't have a Mindomo account yet, you can go to the Sign Up page and create one (3).

You will be notified that in order to have access to the map and all its resources, all the attached files need to be uploaded to the Mindomo server (4). Nevertheless, you can also choose to sync the map without its files.

Once the map is synced, you can open it from the browser and share it with any of your collaborators (5).

You will have to add their email addresses (6), set the editing rights (7), then click on 'Send' (8).

Once a map is synced with the cloud, use the 'Sync & Save Online' to see offline all recent changes that were made online. The first time you click on 'Sync & Save Online', you will be notified that in order to sync all recent changes and resources added online, all files need to be saved locally (9). A location is set by default but you can choose a specific folder where the files will be saved.

Collaborating real-time is possible by using the 'Sync & Save Online' - this way you'll be up to date with your collaborators' editings and share your own.

Working offline on maps shared online

If you want to work locally on maps that were shared with you online, just go to 'Open Online' (1), type in your email address and password (2), select the map (3) from the panel and click on 'Download and Open' (4).

First, the map will be saved on your computer (5).

Afterwards, it will open in the Desktop app (6) and you can start working on it.

Changes on this map will only be available in the Desktop app, to make them available in the cloud use the 'Sync & Save Online' functionality.

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