Help And Support


How to create a new map

  1. Select the "Create" button on the top left corner of your dashboard.
Dashboard New Map
  1. Select "Blank mind map" (2), add the title (3) and click on "Create".
Create New map
  1. You are ready to start working on your mind map.
New map created

How to upload a map or a document

  1. Click on "Import".
Dashboard Upload
  1. Upload a plain text outline or a map from your computer, Dropbox or Google Drive.
Select the document you want to upload
  1. Select the map or document (2) and click on "Open".
Select the document you want to upload

How to create folders and subfolders

  1. Click on "Create" from the left side of the dashboard, then select "Folder" (1), name the folder (2) and click on "Create" (3).
Dashboard Folders
  1. You will recognize the folder from all the files in your dashboard by its icon (4).
Create subfolder
  1. To create a subfolder, click the drop down menu in the right side of the folder and select "Create subfolder" (5).
Private maps folder

How to access "My account"

  1. To access the information from your account, select "More" on the top right corner of your dashboard, then click on your name from the drop-down menu.
More drop-down

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