Learning Skills


The curriculum outlines the success criteria and learning goals for the students.The curriculum is an important tool for teachers because it details the expectations of what students should learn in each subject each year. However, it is up to the teacher how they present and teach the information in thier clasroom.

Success Criteria

Learning Goals

Executive Functioning

Executive functioning skills are included in/similar to learning skills. Self regulation, organization, initiative, independant work, and responsibility are all learning skills that are elements of executive functioning as well.Executive functioning contributes to students success. For example, a student who has good organization and time management is more likely to perform well in school. https://www.reliableplant.com/Read/3429/college-students-struggle-with-organizational-skills#:~:text=%2D%2087%20percent%20of%20students%20say,handwriting%20on%20a%20personal%20calendar.Improving executive functioning can also help teachers lesson plan more effectively. It is important to plan ahaead and stay organized.

Time Management



Anger Management


urriculum and technology to The teacher is tied to all other major topics in this mind map. The teacher is responsible for modelling and teaching learning skills and excecutive functioning to the students. The teacher uses the curriculum and technology to help plan and teach thier lessons.The teacher has many ways of influencing the student both directly and indirectly. For example, the teacher speaks directly with students in order to explain the expectations in the classroom. The teacher may also influence the student with posters or displays within the classroom, and how the classroom is laid out. Students may also be influenced by how they see the teacher interact with other people in thier classroom or school.

Lesson Plans

Monitoring Students

Grading Submissions


The two large components of a students life from a teeachers perspective are the students school life and home life. School life encompasses everything that occurs at school, and home life is what occurs outside of school.School and home life can have direct effects on motivation in the classroom.School life is usually measured using assignments, tests, and teacher observations.The curriculum is important to the learner, however it is not usually considered much by the learner.

School Life

Application of Skills

Submit Assignments

Creative Freedom?


Home Life

Student Performance

ted learnerStudent Performance refers to the students success within the clasroom and within the school environment. This can be seen in grades the student recieves. Student performance is largely affected by the teacher. The teacher influences the students grades by how well they deliver and test on the material.The excecutive functioning of the student is also a large factor in student performance. Students with better excecutive function will often be better equiped to handle tasks in class.Student Performance affects the learners confidence and outlook on school. A more successful student is more likely to enjoy school and be a more dedicated learner.


Technology can be used by the teacher and the student to thier benefit or detriment. It is important that teachers try to improve thier lessons using technology when it is applicable. Technology is often looked at as a distraction in the classroom, but with proper implementation, it can improve student engagement and performance.A great example of technology in education is the use of interactive gizmos in physics lessons. These gizmos can help students visualize physics concepts and interact weith the gizmo to better understand them.

Learning Skills

Many of the learning skills are related or overlapping. A student may require proficiency in organization in order to be able to be responsible and take initiative.


Organization is a students ability to keep track of the work they have done and the work that they need to do. A student with good organization knows what assignments or tests are coming up and keeps track of the materials they need for their work.To help students improve their organizational skills I hope to be very clear when announcing due dates and test dates in my classroom and giving reminders to write down or record dates in whatever format works best for the students.


Collaboration is how well students work and cooperate with others during group tasks and in group environments.In order to foster good collaboration in my classroom I hope to organize various group activities with different group sizes in order to give students opportunities to improve how they work with others.

Self Regulation

Self regulation is a students ability to control thier emotions. A student with good self regulation can understand how they are feeling and are able to use this understanding to help act in a way that they will not regret later.To encourage self regulation I hope to give my students freedoms which can help them regulate thier emotions like being allowed to take a walk if they are feeing overwhelmed or angry, if they believe that will help them calm down.


Responsibility is similar to organization. A student who is responsible will arrive to class on time and regularly, come prepared with the necessary materials, and respect school property.In order to foster responsibility in my classroom I will make sure to state my expectations clearly. I will ensure that my students have the means to store ther materials safely, such as cubbies or desks, to ensure that no student struggles with responsibility because of thier life outside of my classroom.

Independant Work

Independant work is a students ability complete tasks on their own. A student with good independant work is self-sufficient on assigned tasks. Students may still recieve guidance from teachers but they are trusted to work effectively while unsupervised.I hope to give my students opportunitties to complete independant work in class while semi-supervised. Then, when I believe students are able, I will try to give them opportunities to work completely autonomously so they can get experience working independantly.


Initiative is a students ability to determine what tasks they should be doing or that would be beneficial to them, without direct instruction from someone else. A student with good initiative resolves problems that other students may not have identified yet.To encourage student initiative in my classroom I will make sure to explain the end goals of my lessons so students understand why they are working on things and may choose to work ahead. This will give students the opportunity to use their own initiative in the classroom more often.

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