Help And Support

Access Mindomo directly from Desire2Learn

When teachers and students access Mindomo from Desire2Learn, their Mindomo accounts will be automatically created, and they will be able to start mind mapping without any additional login.

Step 1. Go to "Edit Course", then onto "External Learning Tools" (1), and use the "New Link" button (2).

Step 2.

  • Add the "Mindomo Dashboard" in the "Title" section (3).
  • Add in the URL section (4).
  • Check off "Allow users to view this link" in the Visibility section (5).
  • Check off signature with "Tool consumer key/secret" (6)".
  • Make sure all Security Settings are checked off (7) and then click on "Save and Close".

Step 3. Bring the Mindomo Dashboard link in the course section:

  • Go to "Content" (8).
  • Choose "Add Existing Activities" (9) and "External Learning Tools" (10).
  • Select "Mindomo Dashboard". The link will appear in the course section (11). You can view and edit the link whenever it is necessary (12).

When students will access Mindomo Dashboard from their Desire2Learn course section, Mindomo will open in a new tab, enabling them to create and share their mind maps with other users. If a user doesn't have a Mindomo account, the account is automatically created when the user accesses the link.

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