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Mind maps as homework submissions

This method will enable students to access Mindomo directly from Canvas, create their mind maps, and submit them to complete their Canvas assignments.

How to set up this type of assignment?

Edit the assignment by setting up a title and a description, then make sure you check off the options from “Submission Type”, especially “Website URL” (1). In the end, click on "Update Assignment".

You will be able to view the students' submissions by accessing the assignment and clicking on “SpeedGrader” (2).

How will students view and work on the assignment?

When students will access the assignment, they will have to click on “Submit Assignment” (3) to submit their maps.

After that, they will have to click on the “Mindomo” (4) tab, choose one of their maps (5), click on “Add” (6) and finally on “Submit Assignment”.

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