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Premium vs. Professional

A Premium Account allows you to work in Mindomo without limitations: create unlimited maps, upload files from your computer, export maps in a great variety of formats, etc.
A premium account is intended for individual usage, and it is limited when it comes to collaborating with other free users. A premium user can share his mind map with a free user and the shared mind map will be counted for the free user as one of his 3 allowed mind maps. Moreover, the free user will work with limited functionality on any shared mind map.

A Professional Account is best suited to use with people with whom you are collaborating from time to time. This type of account will allow your occasional collaborators (also known as guests) to benefit from premium features while working on the mind maps you shared with them. If your collaborators are free users, the maps you share them won't be affected by the 3-mind map limitation. You can also share your mind maps with people that don't have a Mindomo account, all they need is the link for editing the map.

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