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Styling mind maps

Formatting and Styling your Mind Maps

You can change the look and style of your mind maps to help you organize or even present your data.


Topic Appearance

  1. For Topic Appearance, use the Context Menus on topics.
Topic appearance

Changing Topic Text and Appearance

You can format text and beautify topic appearance by using the Font Menu.

  1. Bold, Italic, Underline and Strikethrough - use these to format your text.
  2. Text Alignment - you can choose Left, Center and Right.
  3. Font Size - change the size of your text.
  4. Background Color - choose a background color for your topic.
  5. Font Color - choose text color.
  6. Font Family - choose from various fonts.
Topic appearance

Topic shape

There are various shapes you can choose from:

  1. Default - taken from the map theme.
  2. Rounded - a rectangle with rounded corners.
  3. Square - a simple rectangle.
  4. Round - a circle will be drawn.
  5. Circle - a circle will be drawn.
  6. Line - a line below the topic.
Topic shapes

Changing Boundaries

Boundary will help you mark and determine the limits of an area on your map.

  1. Boundary Style – you have 4 styles which you can apply to the boundaries in your map.
  2. Remove Boundary – remove the selected boundary.
  3. Customize Boundary - it enables you to choose the boundary's color, line weight and pattern.
Changing boundaries

Changing Relationship Appearance

  1. Click on the "Relationship" icon to add a connection between two topics.
  2. To customize the relationship's appearance, you will have to click on the relationship and then on the little pencil icon that appears on the relationship curve. These features will be displayed:
  • Delete - select the relationship and delete it.
  • Add Label - add a relationship description.
  • Color - choose a color for the selected relationship.
  • Weight - change the thickness of the connection.
  • Shape - choose the shape for your connection.
  • Pattern - choose one of the line styles for the connection.
  • Arrows - select the direction.

Map styles

Beauty and structure come together in a wide variety of map themes.

  1. Themes Color - choose the mind map's colors from the predefined color combinations.
  2. Themes Style - choose the appearance of your current mind map from the predefined theme styles.
  3. Map Background - choose a color for your mind map's background.
  4. Auto Align - your topics will be automatically rearranged.
Map styles

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