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Get started with Mindomo!


We want you to
get real value from your trial maps

The next few slides explain what Mindomo does, and why

We recommend starting with two maps that will help you every day

Why use

Winning is all about preparation

Athletes don’t win races with a lucky flash of brilliance that came from nowhere and was never repeated.

They win by being the best-prepared person of the day

Their preparation includes:

A consistent approach and method

Continual small improvements from experience and understanding

A clear focus on results

Visualizing success and mentally rehearsing their technique

Mindomo can help you to win your races by being better prepared than anyone else

What is the single best way to create a map?

Create every map as if you are responsible for clearly explaining this issue to someone else

This is a valuable lifelong skill that anyone can learn

Mindomo maps will help you to achieve better results faster in five key areas

Organizing information and making lists

Making notes or creating documents

Understanding an issue and finding solutions

Planning and delivering a project

Learning something new

What is a

A Mindomo map contains lists

List-making is a powerful way
to create and organize information, ideas, and actions.

A list in text

A list in Mindomo

List items are information-rich

An item in a list is called a "Topic"

Each list item
can be:

A few words

A longer description

An image or an icon

A link to a website

An attached file

A task with dates and an owner

Another list, or

All of the above

A map is just a list of lists


Web site updates

New graphics

Add feedback form

Develop Quality Training



Collect ideas

Interview stakeholders

Review existing courses

Learn 3D printing

Search on YouTube

Study product reviews

Join Facebook groups

What would Mindomo be like if it were a person?

Creating a map in Mindomo is like having a conversation with a friend

Your friend...

Listens carefully to what you say

Reflects it back so you can see it afresh

Suggests changes and improvements

Helps you to discover that you know more than you thought you did

Helps you to prioritize and make decisions

Encourages you to take action

Remembers things for you, so that you can move your focus elsewhere

Where do
I begin?

Start with two Mindomo maps that should be in everyone’s personal collection


A map of checklists for the things that you do most often

If you want to improve, start with the things you do every day, and do them consistently

Checklists give you a starting point for making improvements over time


A high-level map that gives you an overview of what you are working on right now, and what is coming up next

This will help you to prioritize effectively and find the information you need when you need it

Your personal checklists map

Surgeons and airline pilots are highly skilled people, but they still use checklists every day

Start by making a map of checklists for the things that you do regularly

Then improve them a little each time you use them

A checklist in Mindomo

A checklist for running a Zoom meeting

Ideas for checklists

Daily, weekly and monthly planning

Organizing a meeting

Preparing a presentation

Packing for a trip

Backing up your devices

Updating timesheets and expenses

Reviewing a project

Ready to start?

Click Create, then find the Checklists map in the Templates section of the new map gallery

Click on the thumbnail, and the Wizard will create a new map and guide you through some simple steps to start adding checklists

Each time you log into Mindomo, your Checklists map will be only one click away

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