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Check out the latest upgrades of Mindomo Desktop which have taken place, including new features, bug fixes and functionality improvements.

28th of June 2019 - v.9.1.3

  • Implement map template functionality
  • Remove task mind map creation option
  • Add "fit map to window" functionality
  • Improvements on notes panel

07th of June 2019 - v.9.1.2

  • Improvements for touchscreen devices
  • Improvements on insert relationship functionality
  • Fixed: Correctly calculate canvas size for Organigram layout
  • Fixed: Date selector not showing custom date format properly

10th of April 2019 - v.9.1.0

  • Updated task map functionality on mind maps
  • Added hashtag functionality
  • Updated the map search functionality with filters
  • Added option of embedding video/image + audio simultaneously on a topic
  • Redesigned multimedia panels
  • Updated comments functionality to allow multimedia attachments
  • Redesigned node context menu to include the task functionality
  • Added audio record functionality

12th of March 2019 - v.9.0.6

  • New topic shapes (cloud, speech bubble and speech bubble outline)

4th of March 2019 - v.9.0.5

  • Improved search functionality

13th of February 2019 - v.9.0.4

  • Fixed import issues

22th of January 2019 - v.9.0.2

  • Concept map topics re-position
  • Root spread connection drawing
  • Numbering on organigram maps
  • Multi-branch color functionality on organigram maps
  • Added map background context menu functionality to Theme Editor

18th of January 2019 - v.9.0.1

  • Image from gallery or from personal files as map background
  • Inserting a topic with copied style
  • Option for connection line color to determine topic color
  • Multi-branch color functionality
  • Rainbow palette functionality
  • Customizable topic margins (color, thickness)
  • Variety of line types (straight, arc, rough, curve, elbow, rounded elbow, angle, no line)
  • Customizable connections (thickness, color, the distance between children topics or parent-children topics, anchor points)
  • Variety of topic shapes (rectangle, rounded rectangle, elliptic rectangle, circle, oval, line, capsule, parallelogram, hexagon, rounded hexagon, diamond, left arrow, right arrow, delay, trapeze)
  • Customizable paddings for each side of the text in a topic (top, right, bottom, and left)
  • Default relationship style
  • Variety of topic boundaries (straight line, rounded line, rectangle, rounded rectangle, wavy, etc.)
  • Improved Theme Editor functionality (custom themes for mind maps, concept maps, and organigrams)

6th of November 2018 - v.8.0.42

  • Resources synchronization improved

8th of October 2018 - v.8.0.41

  • Electron update

28th of August 2018 - v.8.0.40

  • Gantt Chart functionality

16th Of August 2018 - v.8.0.39

  • Electron update

16th July 2018 - v.8.0.38

  • Import from .xls, .xlsx
  • Spellchecker available for all languages

14th of June 2018 - v.8.0.36

  • Search functionality available in the Outline mode
  • Multiple instances of Mindomo on Mac

24th of April 2018 - v.8.0.34

  • Improved Theme Editor functionality

14th of February 2018 - v.8.0.32

  • Electron update to improve performance and security.

12th of January 2018 - v.8.0.29

  • Improved ‘Sync & Save Online’ feature to save local maps and all their attached files in the cloud.

14th November 2017 - v.8.0.26

  • Added export functionality to Microsoft Project in an XML format

10th of October 2017 - v.8.0.25

  • New sharing functionality available, Pack Map format that compresses a mind map and all its attached files into a single .pmom file saved locally.

15th of June - v.8.0.22

  • PDF export with clickable links
  • Improved loading mechanism

6th of May 2017 - v.8.0.19

  • MOM lock functionality to prevent data loss - the same mind map can’t be opened more than once simultaneously

20th Of April 2017 - v.8.0.18

  • Introducing Task Outline functionality

5th of April 2017- v.8.0.17

  • New saving mechanism with .json file - temporary file that is shown when a large map is being saved because saving very large maps can take several seconds

21st of March 2017 - v.8.0.15

  • Improved saving mechanism
    • Introduced saving option without the history of changes, especially to improve loading time for large maps

6th of March 2017- v.8.0.14

  • New text editor in Notes panel

15th of February 2017- v.8.0.13

  • Multilingual Desktop - available in 16 languages

20th of September 2016 - v.8.0

  • Introducing Mindomo Desktop 8.0
    • Easy installation, same interface as in the online version, diversified map layouts, and no limitations on importing and exporting files.
    • Adobe Air independent

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