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Mindomo for Office 365

Using this integration, any Office 365 user can start using Mindomo directly from his Office 365 account


  • Single sign-in using an Office 365 account.
  • Administrative deployment for the entire school/organization.
  • On the fly account creation and login.

How to access Mindomo from Office 365

There are 2 ways of accessing Mindomo from Office 365:

  1. By signing into your Office 365 account.
  1. From the Log in/Sign up section in Mindomo, by choosing Office365. This will take you to the Office365 Sign up section.
  • Once you sign into your Office365 account, you can add Mindomo from the Office365 Store (3).
  • Search for Mindomo (4), click on the Mindomo logo (5), then click on 'Add' (6).
  • Confirm that you want to add Mindomo to your Office365 account by clicking on 'Continue' (7).
  • You will find Mindomo in 'My Apps' section (8). The app can be removed at any time (9).
  • If an admin of a school/organization adds Mindomo to the Office365 account, all users on the account will be able to work with Mindomo directly from here. When a user clicks on the Mindomo logo, his new account will be automatically created and will open in the dashboard (10).

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