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Mind Map Templates

Mind map templates are a must for any mind mapping tool. When structuring information in a mind map, you have to know the basic rules of mind mapping.

A mind map template is a diagram used to represent words, ideas or tasks. The information on a mind map is structured around a central key word or idea.

The elements of a given mind map template are arranged intuitively according to the importance of the concepts, and are classified into groups, branches, or areas. This is where mind mapping is at its best.

Mind map template

How do you create a mind map template?

In order to create a mind map template, you should first choose a topic for your mind map. Mind mapping is very flexible when it comes to choosing subjects for your mind map.

Create a structure of ideas around the subject of the mind map, so you can fully experience mind mapping. A mind map is often created around a single word or text, placed in the center, to which associated ideas, words and concepts are added.

There are several types of mind map templates:

  • Problem solving mind maps
  • Outline mind maps
  • Framework design mind maps
  • Anonymous collaboration mind maps
  • Marriage of words mind maps
  • Visuals mind maps
  • Individual expression of creativity mind maps
  • Condensing material into a concise format mind maps
  • Team building mind maps
  • Synergy creating activity mind maps
  • Enhancing work morale mind maps

First of all, choose your style of a mind map template.

It will be a lot easier to use our mind mapping tool if you have the mind map subject already established.

From our experience, people that look for mind mapping templates, mostly look for the following types of mind maps:

  • To do lists mind maps
  • Meeting planning and management mind maps
  • Project management mind maps
  • Group brainstorming mind maps
  • Decision making mind maps
  • Job descriptions mind maps
  • Performance reviews mind maps
  • Packing list for business trips mind maps

As you can see, most mind map templates are activities that we do on a regular basis. People tend to use mind mapping on a daily basis.

These mind map template can help you save time when you need it. Think about not having to take notes, only writing the main ideas in a mind map. This is where mind mapping brings value.

How to create a mind map template:

These are some steps that mind mapping users follow:

  • Start in the center of the mind map with a subject, image or video.
  • Use images, symbols, codes and boundaries throughout your mind map.
  • Select key words and print upper or lower case letters in the mind map.
  • Each word or image is best alone and sitting on its own line for better mind mapping.
  • A mind map line should be connected, starting from the central image.
  • The central lines of a mind map are thicker, as they are getting further away from the central topic of a mind map they become thinner.
  • Make the mind map lines the same length as the word or image you introduced on the branch of that mind map.
  • Use various colors in your mind map, for visual stimulation.
  • Use boundaries to encode or group your mind map information.
  • Develop your personal style for mind mapping.
  • Use associations in your mind map.

This is one of the most important uses of mind maps

  • Keep the mind map clean by using numbers to prioritize your tasks or use an outline format to provide better structure for your information.

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