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Sharing an assignment with an access code

  1. The assignment's access code can be found either in the top right side (1), or by going to 'Share' (2), then choosing 'Add with access code' (3).
  1. Give students the code and ask them to go to (4).
  1. Once the student fills in the code and hits 'Next' (5), he will have the following options:

    Join the assignment with his existing account or create a new one (6).

    The student will be joining the assignment with the email and password of its current Mindomo account. If the student doesn't have an account yet, it can provide an email and set a password. A new account will be created and the student will be able to work on this assignment and other mind maps too.

    Join the assignment with a temporary account (7).

    The student will get exclusive access to this assignment by providing the first and last names and a password. At the first access, the student will be able to fill in its full name and set a password. Anytime the student will want to return to the assignment, he will have to go to, use the assignment access code, and fill in the name and password initially set. If the student forgets the password, the teacher can reset it.

  1. After students decide on the registration option and click on 'Join', they will get instant access to the assignment (8).

An assignment can be accessed with a code also by going to the Sign Up page, clicking on Teachers & Students, then choosing 'Join an assignment with an access code' (9).

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