Help And Support

Team Features

  • Administration interface

    Where 1 main user is the team administrator. This feature offers flexibility in adding and removing users depending on the project.

  • Team shared folder

    Allowing team members direct access to mind maps in this folder. Not having to share the mind maps in this folder is gold for teams that have tight deadlines.

  • Document Upload

    Provides easy upload of a document. Documents can be uploaded and attached to topics increasing the value of the delivered ideas.

  • Video and audio embedding

    Facilitates the visualization of information through multimedia. Audio recordings as well as video files can be used in subtopics as visual aids.

  • Password protected

    Users can keep their mind maps private. Sharing the password with other people will allow them to view and edit the mind maps.

  • Offline work and sync

    Working offline will get you ahead while synchronizing will make your work effort worthwhile.

  • iPad and Android sync

    Work on your device and synchronize your work with the online version.

  • 10 Export formats

    Export your maps to: PNG, TXT, HTML, PDF, RTF, OPML, MPX, XLS, MindManager map, Freemind map.

  • 8 Import formats

    Import from TXT, OPML, Mindomo File, Freemind File, MindManager File, Mindmeister File, XMind File, File.

How to administer your team

  1. On the top right side of your dashboard go to "More".
  2. To reach the information about your team, select "Team Administration" from the drop-down menu.
More drop-down menu

Changing your team settings

  1. On the left side of your screen select "Team Settings"
  2. Fill out the "Team Settings" box with relevant information for your team:
  • Choose a name for your team
  • Name the team folder adequately because in this folder all team members will have direct access to the mind maps created
  1. Then "Save" the information to make sure that changes have been applied.
Team Settings

Adding a new user to your team

  1. Switch to "Team members" on the left side of the screen.
  2. Then click on "Add User" to create a new user.
Adding a new user to your team
  1. You will notice an "Add Member" pop-up box that includes specific fields that have to be filled out. Fill out the spaces with specific information for the new user.
  2. Then "Add" the information to access it at a later time.
Add Member pop-up box

Adding an existing user

  1. To add an existing user choose the "Team Members" category
  2. Then from the top menu bar select "Add existing user"
  3. Type the user’s e-mail address in the "Add Existing User" box.
  4. Then simply "Add" the user
Adding an existing user

Importing users

  1. To import users opt for "Team members"
  2. Then select the button for "Import users" on the top menu bar
Adding a new user to your team
  1. An "Import users" pop-up box will appear with specific details on how to structure the information about your users so that they will be added properly to your account.
  2. After filling out your file according to the instructions in the box, click on "Browse"
Import user pop-up box

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