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Studying Social Media

Guidelines and Policies

Golden Rule: Post about others as you would have them post about you.

Teachers and Facebook

Merging Personal and Professional Identities

Think Before You Tweet

Guidelines from Specific Industries and Companies

Social Media Policies from 10 Best Practices for Social Media and News Organizations. Apple's Policy. Guidelines from the Association of Fundraising Professionals. Ethics from the Professional Skaters Association. Corporations. News Organizations. Nonprofits. Government. Health Sector. Summary. Long Form.

Public Servants Told to Use Social Media, but there's a 25-page rule book

The Need for Student Social Media Policies

Tweeting Without Fear: How 3 Companies Built their Twitter Strategies

Cautionary Tales

The 3 Types of Self Destructive Tweets. The World is Wired: Careful What You Tweet. Top 5 Facebook Fiascos. Susan G. Komen Caves. Twitter Users Hijack Hashtag. Twitter Good in Fun.

The Business of Social Media

Magic Blend of Social Media

Entertainment Engagement Information Sharing Convert-to-Business

Best Practices

10 Best Practices for News Organizations. Content Matters on Twitter. Promoting Your Book Properly. 5 Social Media Challenges (and how to overcome them).

The Conversation Prism

Industry Specific

Health Care. Journalism. Politics. Music and Entertainment. Social Media Heath Care. Facebook and Health Care. Health Care Going Social. Future of Journalism. Katie Couric's Take. Confidence Game: On Modern Journalism. The Cliff Notes Web has Won. Twitter and Republican Campaigns. Media Worlds Clash. Life in the Clickstream.

Demographics and Trends

Social Media Demographics. 10 Things You Must Know about the State of Social Media in 2011. Adult Social Network Users. 7 Top Trends in Social Media. Infographic: The Growth of Social Media.

Valuation of Data/Fans

Fans are Worth More. How Facebook Data gets Mined. Where's Our Cut?.

Personal Brand Management (Celebrities, Ghost-tweeting, etc.)

Why Tweet? (and how to do it). When Stars Twitter. Brand Management. Twitter's Fame Machine.

Corporate Brand Management

Glad Trash Bags. Gatorade. Nestle Fails. Facebook and Mercedes. Integrating Social Media into Business Process a Challenge. 5 Ways to Humanize Your Company with Social Media. Test of a Brand. Socialnomics: Transforming the Way We Do Business.

Studying the Social Network

Flikr and Twitter Mapped Together. Social Graph. Facebook Data Diversity. Connection Strength and Context. Wealth of Networks. Map your LinkedIn Network. Gephi: An interactive visualization and exploration platform. Dispersion and Entropy in Social Media.

History of Social Networks and Media

Infographic: A Short History of Social Media. Social Media in the 16th Century. Social Networking: Definition, History, and Scholarship. BBS. The Well. Prodigy / Compuserv. Prodigy almost went bankrupt twice because they underestimated Social Media.. We Live in Public. America Online. MySpace. Facebook. Twitter. BBS Documentary Part 1: Baud. BBS Documentary Part 2: Sysops and Users. BBS Documentary Part 3: Make it Pay. BBS Documentary Part 4: Fidonet. BBS Documentary Part 5: Art Scene. BBS Documentary Part 6: HPAC. BBS Documentary Part 7: No Carrier. BBS Documentary Part 8: Compression. Howard Rheingold on the early days of The Well. Virtual Communities: Exchanging Ideas through Bulletin Boards. History of AOL. Rise of Facebook and Fall of Myspace.

Legal, Ethical, and Privacy Issues

Ethics. The Law in regards to Social Media. Copyright and Copyleft. Privacy. Who owns your data? (aka Should you get paid?). Hate. SOPA. A Framework for Ethical Decision Making. How to Ruin Your Life in 14 minutes using Social Media. Use for the Medical Profession. Ethics from the Professional Skaters Association. Code of Ethics. Ethics Handbook. The Future We're Building. Pushing the Limits. On whether to tweet graphic videos from Syria. Twitter Spam. Social Media and the Law. Law of Social Media. Death Penalty for Tweets. Copyright Law. Digital Economy. Re-examining the Remix. Creativity is Being Strangled. Websites Can Block Pinning. Twitter Uncloaks DMCA Takedown. Privacy is a Right. Spy Center. Deleted Facebook Photos Stay Online. Facebook and Google are Doing it Wrong. Privacy Management. Break Up with Google. Google's Privacy Changes. Employers ask for Passwords. Case for Anonymity. CIA Tracks Public Information. Facebook Gives You Up. Teachers and Facebook. Facebook Privacy Watch. Where's Our Cut?. What's Your Data Worth?. How Facebook Data gets Mined. Fans are Worth More. Secret Life of Your Personal Data. Revenge Porn. Hateful Trolling. SOPA is a Bad Idea. SOPA Derails Class Time. Sopa Supports Dropoff. Backlash.

Technology and Tools

Back up your Social Media. Managing and Measuring Multiple Social Media Streams. Finding a Community. Facebook. Pinterest. Twitter. Backupify. Liberate your tweets: Archiving without Twitter. Hootsuite. Sprout Social. Tweetdeck. Tweetcaster. Social Influence Measurement. If This Then That. 5 Ways to Measure Social Media. Gatorade Misson Control. Participate in Tweetchats. What You Need to Know About Timeline. Guide to Facebook Timeline. Pinterest's Social Aesthetic. The Twitter Guidebook.

Human Relationships

Anonymity vs Authenticity. Togetherness or Lonliness?. Revolutions and Movements. Expression of Self Identity or Psychological Disorder?. Behavior and Motivation. Social Media and Death. Women and Social Media. Case for Anonymity. Why Virtual Identities?. Facebook and Google are Doing it Wrong. Alone Together. Networked: Social Operating Systems. FOMO = Fear of Missing Out. Mapping Social Behavior. Teen's Online Codes. Invading Our Lives. Facebook is About Us. Worldwide Friendship Map. Role in Human Relationships. Facebook is About Us. Social Networking is Fostering Lonliness. Virtual Friendship. Life 2.0. We Live in Public. Arab Spring. SOPA / PIPA Movement. Iran Election. Is Technology Stealing our Self Identities?. Social Networking and Personal Identity: A New Source For Neurosis. Social Media and the Evolution of Consciousness (video). Self Expression through Social Media. Public and Private: How We Are Blurring Public & Private Memories. Harvard study shows Facebook friends don't influence your taste. Self Esteem. Happiness. What Motivates Us. Life, Death, and Social Media. How We Die and Mourn. Hateful Trolling. Tweets Gone Wrong. Josh Harris. How Facebook Changed the World (Part 1). How Facebook Changed the World (Part 2). How Facebook Changed the World (Part 3). How Facebook Changed the World (Part 4). Revolution 2.0: Egypt. Sopa Supports Dropoff. Twitter Tells Tale of Iran Election. Facebook is not such a good thing for those with low self esteem (study). Facebook Me: Collective Self-Esteem, Need to Belong,and Internet Self-Efficacy as Predictors of the iGeneration's Attitudes toward Social Networking Sites. Predicting Happiness from a Facebook photo. Smile on Facebook Profile.

Social Media and Education

The Need for Student Social Media Policies. Digital Literacy. Assessment. To Friend or Not to Friend, that is a really sticky question.. Research Experiment for Students. Social Media and Peer Learning. Teaching Social Media. Education Graph. Facebook Groups for Schools. Digital Skills can by Quickly Acquired. Whales in Lake Michigan. Northwest Tree Octopus. DHMO. Blogs for Your Students. Students Ordered to Delete Facebook.

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