Mind Map IDEAS

Mind Map IDEAS

Take notes

Write recipes

Plan your life

Shopping list

Make decisions

Plan a blog post

Plan your budget

Summarise books


Boost your memory

Increase motivation

Outline your hobbies

Unlock your potential

Clarify your thoughts

Plan your retirement

Expand existing ideas

Brainstorm new ideas

Improve thinking skills

Contemplation & relaxation

Create instruction templates

Plan your schedules: to do lists

Investigate what makes you happy

Consolidate your existing knowledge

Outline your business or a potential new business

Take charge of your emotions & plan positive action

Summarise content of videos/DVD’s/Films/Talks/Speeches

Differences between American English and British English

Investigate lessons learnt from failures

Categorise your Music CD’s & DVD’s

Create acronyms for memorisation

Identify multiple perspectives

Explore existing knowledge

Plan your reading material

Define a business project

Plan a business meeting

Conduct a project review

6 thinking hats analysis

Create a SWOT analysis

Pinpoint your values

Car improvements

Plan presentations

Plan foods & diets

Devise checklists

Compare options

Master a subject

Plan a wedding

Plan a website

Plan a holiday

Exercise plan

Manage a risk


Plan a party

Plan an event

Plan speeches

Create targets

Solve problems

Plan your career

Simplify your life

Explore your past

Innovate & invent

Free up your mind

Plan your learning

Analyse your dreams

Summarise your skills

Plan your medications

Map out your interests

Tap your unique talents

Control time management

Study, learn & pass exams

Increase your brain power

Outline your writing/essays

Develop your creative thinking

Manage your day/week/month/year

Teach small kids animals, foods, plants etc

Study & learn a new topic, culture or country or language

Explore potential answers to world problems

Categorise crops, plants & flowers in your garden

Discover what you want to do with your life

Research inspiring & successful people

Organise house & paint colours/codes

Investigate what makes you unhappy

Create a map with inspiring people

Organise & bring order to daily life

Set SMART goals for the next year

Organise your favourite websites

Summarise an event or concert

Create maps with funny quotes

List of home improvements

Delve into your family tree

Set new year's resolutions

Create a restaurant menu

Plan a business workshop

Porter's 5 forces analysis

Prepare for an interview

Set personal challenges

Plan & present your CV

Learn parts of speech

Research your idols

Create a journal

Meal planning