4 Main Beliefs of Judaism

Obedince and Law


Jewish people believe in justice and righteousness. Justice means kindness and fairness to all people, even criminals. Righteousness means being proper when everyone else is unproper. This is also central to Jewish life . Obedince and law are also important to Jewish life. Obedince means the law. The most important law is the Ten Comandments. The set of laws called the Mosaic Law guides daily Jewish life.

obedience is to obey the law

most important law is the ten comandments

guides their daily life

mosaic laws guide daily jewish life

Moses recieving the ten comandments

the Mosaic law


Justice and Righteousness

central to Jewish religion

Justice means kindness and fairness

Righteousness means being proper

Jewish justice logo



Jewish people are monotheistic.They worship Yahweh, the national god of the Iron Age kingdoms of Israel (Samaria) and Judah.

Helped shape the Jewish society

Belief in one god

God can't be subdivided into different persons

God is Transcendent, omnipresent and omnipotent

God is just, but God is also merciful


two different sounding ideas of God in their beliefs

God is an all-powerful being who is quite beyond human ability to understand or imagine.

God is right here with us, caring about each individual as a parent does their child.

still widely practiced today


Boys studied their religion

Has always been important to the Jewish people

central to Jewish life

adult Hebrew school