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AGALVIS (2011) Establishing a PLACE for teaching technologies

This is a categorization of ICTE--Information and Communication Technologies--that serves to explore, select and use ICTE for teaching. It was created by Alvaro H Galvis (2009)

Access to cultural and intellectual capital



RSS syndication




Digital tagging




Electronic Encyclopedias

Apod. Medline. EET. MSN Encarta. Enciclonet. Wikipedia. Webopedia.

Dictionaries Translators Thesauruses

Bable fish translation. Visual Thesaurus. WordReference.

Educational Portals

Bibliotecas Virtuales. Merlot. PCA. Eduteka. PEC.

Museums and collections

Gold museum. NASA. Louvre Museum. National Geographic. Prado Museum. Smithsonian Museums.

Communication tools

Asynchronous interaction tools





Social networks

text messaging. Facebook. Twitter. Myspace. Linkedin.

Digital Diaries Blogs

Journal LX. Blog to book: Anthologize. Blogger. Wordpress.

Collaboration tools - Wikis

Wikidot. Media wiki. Google docs. Wikispaces. Teams LX. Office Live. Wetpaint.

Voice commenting tools

Voicethread. Voki avatars. VoxOpop.

Virtual communities

Yahoo Groups. Google Groups.

Video Lecture Capture

Tegrity. Panopto.

Synchronous interaction tools

Chat rooms. Instant Messaging + VOI. Video Conference. Skype. Pronto. Elluminate. Wimba. Messenger. DimDIm. Polycom. AIM. WizIQ. ICQ.

Hybrid interaction tools

Learning / content management systems. Community management systems. Moodle. Ning. Second Life. Sakai. Diigo. Blackboard.

Exploration-based learning tools

Digital manipulation tools. Web explorations. RSS. Search engines. Mathsnet. National Science Digital Library. Cyberguides. Google Earth. Feeders. Google Search. Google Scholar. Computational knowledge: Wolfram|Alpha:. Seeing Math interactives. xPlora. WebQuest. World Wind. Google Reader. Bing Search. Google images. National Library Virtual Manipulatives. Molo. Feed Reader. Yahoo Search. Teems. Bloglines. Kartoo.

Learning environment creation tools

Conceptual and mind maps. Cause-effect maps. Simulation and games. Lecture notes and flash cards. Digital portfolios creation tools. Rubric creation tools. Video lectures. Cmap tools. Mind42. Seeing reason. Agentsheets. Sim city. Quizlet. eFolio. Video Paper Builder 3. Rubrics for assessment. Rubistar. Panopto. Mindomo. Modellus. Dungeons and Dragons. Studyblue. ePortfolio. Rubrics for teacher. iRubric. Tegrity. Wise Mapping. zPortfolio.

Productivity tools

Text-processing tools. Data processing tools. Graphic-processing tools. Multimedia processing tools. Information sharing tools. building tools. Time and activity management tools. Online applications. Online file management. Word. Learn 2 Type. End Note. Excel. Access. Survey Monkey. SPSS. MS Paint. Gliffy. Power Point. On the web presentations: Prezi. Sound recorder. Printscreen. Video Quickcapture. Audio capture. YouTube. iTunes. TeacherTube. Slideshare. Picasa. Dream-weaver. Google sites. Doodle. Project2manage. Stopwacth. Notepad. File storage and sharing: Dropbox. File conversion: Zamzar. Writer. Calc. Base. SAS. Fireworks. Impress. Audacity. Jing. Square 5. Camtasia Studio. Call Graph. SchoolTube. eSnips. Scribd. Flickr. Front-page. MS project. Evernote. GoView. Vegas Movie Studio. Quicktime Pro. Fox Magic.