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Course Readiness

Is your online course ready for the first day of class?

Content Development

Course content and design meets Course Essentials standards.

All graded items are included in the Grade Center with correct points possible.

Content availability settings are correct (open and close dates/times).

Settings for assessments have been applied (availability, due dates, timers, etc.).

If you do not want students to view all of the content in your course at once, you can turn off items either individually or at the folder level. You can either simply toggle these items off or set date/time restrictions so they become available automatically. Most instructors choose to open items when they appear on the schedule so students do not get confused, to allow for revisions, and -in the case of collaborative activities - so students are truly working together.

If weighting grades, categories are correct (no duplicates) and are weighted properly.

If weighting grades, graded items are assigned to the correct category.

First Day of Class

Enrollment verification is included in the Discussion Board.

A Welcome Announcement is posted and tells students where to start.

An icebreaker activity is available (introduction discussion, etc.).

In addition to the Enrollment Verification activity, an Ice Breaker activity is often included at the beginning of the course to help familiarize students with the course and the learning management system. Icebreaker activities can include an introduction discussion post, a self-scoring quiz over the syllabus, and other activities.

Course Copy/Updates

Content has been built, copied, or imported to course shell.. Old discussion posts have been deleted.. Old announcements have been removed or made unavailable if they will be reused.. Links (internal and external) have been validated.. Click on hyperlinks, when not in edit mode to determine if they navigate to the proper location. If not, revise, replace, or remove the link.. Dates have been updated (including due dates for items, class schedule, etc.).. Revise your documents to ensure that they have been updated for the current semester. This includes due dates for assignments, tests, and discussions, if you use the due date feature in Blackboard..

Course Information

Instructor information is correct.. Update your contact information. This can include your phone number, email address, office location, office hours (whether face-to-face or virtual), and information about when students can expect a response. For example, "The best way to reach me is by email. I check email daily and will respond within 24 hours, or 48 hours on the weekend.". Course introduction is correct.. A course introduction can be included in the syllabus or it can be a separate document or video introduction. This item might include information about how the course is organized, the types of activities to be completed, and minimum requirements (skills, software, hardware, etc.). The introduction can also include a list of FAQ's for the course and contact information for technical support. Finally, it can provide instructions on where to proceed after reading the introduction.. Syllabus is up-to-date and includes a grading scale.. It is important to keep the syllabus up-to-date and include the correct grading scale. If you use weight grading, inform your students and explain what this means since many students do not understand weighting. Most departments have a standard syllabus that is used, so check with your department.. Students are advised about technical support and software/hardware requirements.. Instructors should advise students about technical requirements. A link can be provided to the page with minimum computer requirements listed: If there are any special software applications or skills required for your course, a description of these should be included.. Students are reminded about the Student Tutorial in Blackboard.. All students are enrolled in a Student Tutorial (Blackboard 9.1) course. It will appear in their My Courses list in Blackboard. The course includes several practice activities and tutorials for using the Blackboard course management system. Students will also learn about resources available at CFCC to help them become successful distance learners..

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