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Integrating Emerging Technologies

Integrating Emerging Technologies

Miscellaneous Stuff


Magnifying Glass

Virtual Classrooms

Elluminate. Adobe Connect.

Free Graph Paper


Conditional Probability - Medicine Article. What is Mathematics for?.

Reform Curriculum

Curriculum Foundations Project. Statistics Reform. Project Mosaic. Project Mosaic Wiki. College Algebra Reform - MAA Guidelines. Danny's Statistical Modeling Text.

FTP Transfers


Interactive Web Activities


Exponential Models

Exponential Growth

Fish Applet

Human Population

Exponential Decay

Exponential e

Numeric Limit.


Graphing - Parameter Changes. Graph Comparison - Parameter Changes.


pH Scale.


Inverse. Composition. Graphing. Transformations & Reflections. Graph Comparison. Graph Comparison 2nd. Point Comparison. Numeric Representations. Points & Quadrants. Review Module. Horizontal Shift. Vertical Shift. Vertical Stretch & Shrink.

Linear Models

Line Through 2 Points. Graphing - Parameter Changes. Graphing Linear Equations. Graphing Linear Equations - Multiple Methods. Finding Slope. Review Module.

Quadratic Models

Graphing Parameter Changes - 3 Forms. Graphing - Standard Form. Graphing - Vertex Form. Graphing - Factored Form. Impact of Discriminant on Graph.

Polynomial Models

Graphing - Parameter Changes.


Vectors. Unit Circle. Right Triangle. Triangles. Graphs. Addition & Subtraction. Unwrapping Circle - all three functions. Angle & Side Length Changes - all three. Solver - Find missing angles. Law of Sines. Graphing - Parameter Changes.

Math for Elementary & Middle School Teachers

Figure This!. Algebra Tiles. Spotting Numbers - Pattern Development. Pan Balance - Solving Linear Equations. Pan Balance 2 - Solving Linear Equations. Distance-Rate-Time Car Problem.


Derivatives. Secant & Tangent Lines. Theorems. Integration. Definition. Puzzle. First & Second Interaction - Parameter Changes. 1st derivative Increasing vs. Decreasing. 2nd derivative - Concavity. Derivative at a Point. Comparison. Surfing Tangent Line. Average Velocity. Instantaneous Velocity. Demo of Rolle's & MVT. Rectangle Approximation - No Calculations. Riemann Sums Various Methods - Calculations. Area Between Two Curves.

Statistics & Probability

Statistics. Probability. Set Theory. Descriptive. Inferential. Regression. Monty Hall Problem. Advanced Monty Hall Problem >3 doors. Conditional via Venn Diagram. Coin Tossing - Numeric & Graphical results. Coin Tossing 2nd. Coin Tossing 3rd. Drawing Tickets from a Box. Venn Diagram (2). Venn Diagram (3). Rectangular Venn Diagram (2). Mean vs Median. Mean vs Median vs Mode. Interactive Box & Whiskers Plot. Interactive Box & Whiskers Plot 2nd. Pie Graphs. Bar Graphs. Stem & Leaf Plot. Normal Curve. Normal Curve z-calculator. Normal Curve z-calculator 2nd. Empirical Rule. Central Limit Theorem. t distribution vs normal curve. t-calculator. Confidence Intervals - sampling. Confidence Intervals - Multiple Parts. Correlation.


Paper Models of Polyhera. Euclid's Elements.

Number & Operation


Grapher Applets. Graphing Program. 2-D & Tables. 3-D. Graphmatica. Pacific Tech.


Interactive Learning Libraries. Apps. Video Streaming. Math Programs. Wolfram Demonstrations Project. National Library of Virtual Manipulatives. eNLVM - Lesson Collections. Shodor. MAA Math DL. Geogebra Collections. Waner & Costenoble Textbook. Analyze Math. Stats Collections. NCTM Illuminations. Gordon's Excel Dynamic Investigations. Project Based Learning. Manipula Math. Interactive Math. Gapminder - Stats. Cut-the-Knot. Science Project. WisWeb (launch in IE). Discrete Mathematics. Math. General/Productivity. Algebra - Reality TV. Real-life Mathematics. BrainPop. Geometry Explorer. Geogebra. Wiki. Tutorials. Math247. Applied Calculus. Finite Math. Collection 1. Collection 2. Collection 3. K-12 Common Core Standards. GraphCalc. WolframAlpha. Quick Graph. Khan Academy. PI83 Graphing Calculator. BrainPop. EverNote. mbPointer. CourseSmart. Splashtop. Notability. OneNote.


Math Video Collections. ScreenCapturing Software. Digital Pens. Interactive Whiteboards. Tablet PCs. Tablets & SmartPhones. WiiMotes. Digital Inking Software. TED Talks. screencast. iiurl. Khan Academy. Our Samples. Algebasics. BrightStorm. MathTutoring. Samples from one of Danny's colleagues using LiveScribe. Jing. Camtasia. Snag It. Wacom Tablets. LogiPen. Livescribe. SmartBoard. Smart Podium. Promethean Board. HP. Dell. Apple ios. Android. Web OS. Jarnal. MS OneNote. Hyperbolic Coral Reef. Graphing Calculator Tutorial. Average Rate of Change Problem. Surfing Tangent Line. Cuisenaire Rods - Fractions. Excel - Correlation Coefficient. Product & Quotient Rule. Derivatives of Polynomials. Average Rate of Change. iPhone. iPad. Xoom. PlayBook. TouchPad. Pre3. WikiPedia Description. Trial Download. Stylus.


Clickers. Online Homework. Homework Helper Sites. WolframAlpha. Google Trends. iclickers. Simple Click. PollEverywhere. Smart Response. Article Kay provided on clickers- Star Tribune. Confidence Based Marking. Database of Questions. Best Practices. MAA WebWork. x-y Algebra. MapleTA. QuizCreator. Cramster. Mathway. SolveMyMath. MyGeekyTutor. Comparing Math Help to other Disciplines. Good Question Project. Stats Project. Math Quest Library. Danny's stats project. UW-Milwaukee. Vanderbilt. WebWork - Demo as Professor. WebWork - Demo as Student. Wiki. Requesting a site.