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MAA PREP - A New Approach to Intermediate and College Algebra

Common Core Standards

Content Standards

Practice Standards

Illustrative Mathematics

Tools for Core Standards

Example Problems

6th grade - Firefighter Allocation. 7th grade - Discounted Books. 8th grade - Coffee by the Pound. Algebra - Animal Populations. Algebra - Ice Cream. Algebra - Throwing Horseshoes. Function - Rumor. Function - Sandia Aerial Tram. Function - High School Gym. Function - Canoe Trip. Function - Oakland Coliseum.

Real-Life Applications of Mathematics

Real World Math

Algebra - Reality TV

Real-life Mathematics

Make It Real Learning Materials

Real Mathematical Models

Make It Real Learning Blog


Math-Biology Modules

Interactive Learning Libraries

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives. eNLVM - Lesson Collections. Shodor. MAA Math DL. Geogebra Collections. Analyze Math. NCTM Illuminations. Gordon's Excel Dynamic Investigations. Project Based Learning. Manipula Math. Interactive Math. Cut-the-Knot. WisWeb (launch in IE). Maths Online. David Young's Collection. Wiki. Tutorials. Math247.

Refocused Algebra Curriculum

Small. McCallum & Hughes-Hallett. Kime & Clark. Crauder & Evans. Gordon & Gordon. Wilson. Waner & Costenoble - Tutorials.

Conference Information

Country Inn & Suites - Mall of America. Participants can request either a single or double room when registering. Hotel accomodations are included in the price of the workshop. A free shuttle service is offered between the hotel and the airport for those flying to Bloomington, MN. There is complementary wifi available at the hotel. Free parking is available for those driving. Daily workshop activities will be conducted in hotel conference room Meals will be eaten at the hotel, as well as at various other locations in the area.. Presenter contact information. Travel Information. Local Attractions. Don Small. Email Contact: Erick Hofacker. Email Contact: Flight. Participants flying to the workshop should use airport code: MSP. You will fly into either Terminal 1 or Terminal 2. The Country Inn & Suites offers a free shuttle service for transportation between the airport and hotel.. Driving. Hotel Address: Country Inn & Suites 2221 Killebrew Drive Bloomington, MN 55425. Metro Transit. Light rail connects Mall of America (near the site of the workshop) with downtown Minneapolis - short 30 minute ride between the two with multiple stops in between.. Light Rail Service. Mall of America. A short walk across the street from the site of the workshop (Country Inn & Suites).. Minnesota Twins. Viewing of Transit of Venus. Minnesota Lynx (WNBA). Twin Cities Events. Stillwater Boat Cruise.

Don Small's Materials

WebSite. Newsletter.

Interactive Materials

Algebra. Trigonometry. Exponential Models. Logarithms. Functions. Modeling Expressions & Equations. Linear Models. Quadratic Models. Polynomial Models. Vectors. Unit Circle. Right Triangle. Triangles. Graphs. Exponential Growth. Exponential e. Graphing. pH Scale. Inverse. Composition. Graphing. Transformations & Reflections. Algebra Tiles. Spotting Numbers - Pattern Development. Pan Balance - Solving Linear Equations. Pan Balance 2 - Solving Linear Equations. Distance-Rate-Time Car Problem. Hands on Equations. Line Through 2 Points. Graphing - Parameter Changes. Graphing Linear Equations. Graphing Linear Equations - Multiple Methods. Finding Slope. Review Module. Graphing Parameter Changes - 3 Forms. Graphing - Standard Form. Graphing - Vertex Form. Graphing - Factored Form. Impact of Discriminant on Graph. Graphing - Parameter Changes. Addition & Subtraction. Unwrapping Circle - all three functions. Angle & Side Length Changes - all three. Solver - Find missing angles. Law of Sines. Graphing - Parameter Changes. Fish Applet. Human Population. Numeric Limit. Graphing - Parameter Changes. Graph Comparison - Parameter Changes. Graph Comparison. Graph Comparison 2nd. Point Comparison. Numeric Representations. Points & Quadrants. Review Module. Horizontal Shift. Vertical Shift. Vertical Stretch & Shrink.

Math Blogs

Dan Meyer. Pat's Blog (on this day in math).

Flipped Learning Blogs & Video Collections

Blog. Flipped Class Netowrk. iPads & Tablets in Education. Flipping with Kirch. Screencasting for Online Learning. Flipped Clasroom - Knewton. Math Video Collections. iiurl. Khan Academy. Our Samples. Algebasics. BrightStorm. MathTutoring. Flipped Learning TV. Graphing Calculator Tutorial. Average Rate of Change Problem. Surfing Tangent Line. Cuisenaire Rods - Fractions. Excel - Correlation Coefficient.

Polling & Clickers

Types of Clickers. Database of Questions. Best Practices. Videos & Articles. Smart Response. PollEverywhere. Simple Click. iclickers. Good Question Project. Stats Project. Math Quest Library. Danny's stats project. UW-Milwaukee. Vanderbilt. MAA Notes Volume - Clickers. Confidence Based Marking. Newspaper article on clickers- Star Tribune. Introductory Video. Effective Use Video.

Miscellaneous Resources

Graphing. Google Trends. Comparing Math Help to other Disciplines. Tinyurl. Magnifying Glass. Free Graph Paper. Grapher Applets. Graphing Program. 2-D & Tables. 3-D. Graphmatica. Pacific Tech.

Wolfram Materials

WolframAlpha. WolframAlpha Widgets. Wolfram Education Portal. Wolfram Demonstrations Project. Computer Based Math. Wolfram Alpha for Educators.

TED Talks

Teaching Kids Real Math with Computers. Math Class Needs a MakeOver. WiiMote.

Teaching Videos - Working with Groups

First Day of Class. Study Team Interactions. Study Team Guidelines. Eye Spy. Reciprocal Teaching. Participation Team Quiz. Video Models of CPM Classrooms. Study Team Support.

Math Apps for Tablets & SmartPhones

Math. General/Productivity. Screencasting. K-12 Common Core Standards. GraphCalc. WolframAlpha. Quick Graph. Khan Academy. PI83 Graphing Calculator. BrainPop. EverNote. mbPointer. CourseSmart. Splashtop. Notability. OneNote. DropBox. Teacher Assistant. AirSketch. GroupBoard. ScreenChomp. Educreations. Explain Everything. Show Me. ReplayNote.

Screencasting & Digital Ink Information

ScreenCapturing Software. screencast. Digital Pens. Interactive Whiteboards. Tablet PCs. WiiMotes. Digital Inking Software. Jing. Camtasia. Snag It. ScreenCast-O-Matic. Wacom Tablets. LogiPen. Livescribe. SmartBoard. Smart Podium. Promethean Board. HP. Dell. Jarnal. MS OneNote. WikiPedia Description. Trial Download.

Inquiry Based Session

Percent Ruler. Fish Applet. Sheldon Gordon DIG. Math Bench - Biology. Comparing Quadratic Forms. Transformations. Linear Model Problem. Interpreting a Graph Problem. Polynomial Graph Problem. Unwrapping the Unit Circle. Trigonometric Ratio Problem.


Math Must Evolve. VCU Report. What is the Purpose. Refocusing College Algebra. Time to Refoucs Intermediate Algebra. Placement Testing. Voices of the Partner Disciplines. Voices of the Partner Dsciplines II.

Data Sources

Bathroom. Pop vs. Soda. Current Water Data. Food Data.

Group Materials from Friday Presentations

Daphne, Janet & Larry. Ruth, Cindy, & Max. Rich, Tom, & Iwan. Margot, Sheryl, & Michael. Nneka, Ted, & Brooke. Concha, Marcella, & TJ. Ben, Katherine, & Michelle. Evens, Elaina, Mirmira, Kapila.

Handouts and PowerPoints

Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday. Friday. Schedule. Why are we here?. Attributes of a new course. Goals of a new course. Flipped Classroom & Screencasting. Curriculum. See the tab on the mindmap entitled "refocused algebra curriculum" for more information.. Pedagogy. Inquiry Based Learning. See the tab on the mindmap entitled "inquiry based session" for more information.. What the partner disciplines say. Modeling - Recursive Sequences. Common Core. See tab on the mindmap entitled "common core standards" for more information.. Modeling - Curve Fitting. Real-life lessons & activities. See the back section of your packet as well as the tab on the mindmap enttitled "real-life applications of mathematics" for more information.. Polling & Clickers. See the tab on the mindmap entitled "polling & clickers" for more information.. Implementing Change.