Media Arts
Course Overview - Mind Map

Media Arts
Course Overview



overall goal


 The overall goal of this course is to develop verbal, visual, and technical skills essential for planning, executing, critically analyzing, and evaluating works of art as well as expanding the student’s problem-solving abilities which include working within required and self-imposed limitations.

introduce aesthetic concepts

offer tech guidelines in various technology

exposure to media design programs, techniques, methods, digital citizenship, and media literacy

familiarize with works of digital and contemporary artists

make critical comparisons and analysis of historical and student works

Grading Procedures



Design Components: Specific objectives relative to each project will be stated at the beginning of each assignment or unit of studyMedia Applications: use of media, techniques, materials; technical execution/craftsmanshipCommunication and Composition: Aesthetic and conceptual quality of finished workHomework Policy:In art class, homework includes generating, researching, exploring, and selecting ideas to be used as class projects. It is important that students explore ideas at home when they have quiet “think time.” The initial spark of an idea or concept may best be devised at home. Days wasted trying to get an idea during class studio time are often the cause of an unfinished project. Make-Up Policy/Late Work:Make-up work and tests are allowed for students who have obtained a re-admit slip from the Attendance Office, by turning in an appropriate written excuse. The responsibility for arranging makeup tests and work rests with the students and must be scheduled at the conveniences of the teacher within three days of the students returning to class and completed within five days upon return. A student may not miss one class in order to complete or make up work in another class without prior approval from both teachers. Students will lose 5 points a day for work that is turned in late each day after the due date.Equipment PolicyStudents who need to check out equipment (cameras, tri-pods, lenses, etc) must complete a form to do so. Students are responsible for the entire cost of checked-out equipment if it is lost, broken, or stolen.

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