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Digital Humanities Landscapes at the Claremont Colleges

Digital Humanities Landscapes at the Claremont Colleges (and Beyond) Map created by Char Booth, Allegra Gonzales, Bonnie Tijerina of the Claremont Colleges Library in December 2011. Topics and subtopics can be expanded and collapsed using CTRL+1, 2, and so forth, or by clicking the small plus or minus sign at the base of each branch. Small icons to the right of subtopics are links and/or notes to further descriptive information on each topic - click through to investigate. If you have questions about this map or suggestions for changes/additions to its content, please email

7Cs Academics

Undergraduate Faculty



Tamara Venit-Shelton


Audrey Bilger

Robert Faggen

Evan Kindley

James Morrison


Raquel Veag-Durin.


Gregory Hess. Ryan Carhart.

Physical Education

Dianna Turner-Graves.


Ward Elliot.

Religious Studies

Cynthia Humes. Daniel Michon.


Computer Science

Ran Libeskind-Hadas

Robert Keller

Humanities, Social Sciences and the Arts

Erika Dyson. Bill Alves.

Media Studies

Rachel Mayeri. DH Projects.


Art & Art History. Classics. Media Studies. Philosophy. Bill Anthes. Michelle Berenfeld. Alex Juhaz. Elizabeth Affuso. Brian Keeley. DH projects. DH projects. CCDL NA water colors.


Art. Classics. Computer Science. Economics. English. French. Geology. German. History. Linguistics and Cognitive Science. Media Studies. Religious Studies. Theater. Frances Pohl. George Gorse. Richard McKirahan. Ben Keim. Chris Chinn. Kim Bruce. Cecilia Conrad. Kevin Dettmar. Hillary Gravendyk. Virginie Pouzet-Duzer. Eric Grosfils. Tomás F. Summers Sandoval Jr.. Gary Kates. Michael Diercks. Jonathan Hall. Kathleen Fitzpatrick. Marie Shurkus. Zayn Kassam. Joyce Lu. Betty Bernhard. Media Guild.


American Studies. Art. English. Gender and Women's Studies. Hispanic Studies. Humanities. Psychology. Writing Center. Matt Delmont. T. Kim-Trang Tran. Ken Gonzales-Day. Nancy Macko. Jacque Wernimont. Warren Liu. Cheryl Walker. Chris Guzaitis. Jennifer Wood. Tony Crowley. Amy Marcus-Newhall. Kimberly Drake. Nicest Kids in Town. Ken Gonzales-Day CCDL collection. Murals of Northern Ireland.

Graduate Faculty


Cultural Studies and History

Joshua Goode

Eve Oishi


Lori Anne Ferrell. Wendy Martin.


Janet Brodie.

Political Science

Melissa Rogers.

School of Information Systems and Technology

Tom Horan.

Related Resources, Centers and Programs

Pitzer Mosbacher/Gatrell Center for Media Experimentation and Activism. Pomona Media Guild.

Intercollegiate Program Connections

Africana Studies. American Studies. Art History. Environmental Analysis. Chicana/o-Latina/o Studies. Classics. Cross-Cultural Health and Healing Initiative. Asian-American Studies. Intercollegiate Gender/Women's Studies. Keck Science. Legal Studies. Media Studies. Philosophy. Religious Studies. Science, Technology and Society. Theatre and Dance.

7Cs Collaborators/Support

Claremont Colleges Library


Access Services

Linda Gunter, Assistant Director for Access Services


Bonnie Tijerina, AD for Collections.

Educational Services

Gale Burrow, AD for Educational Services. Char Booth, Instruction Services Manager & E-Learning Librarian.

Research & Development

Sam Kome, AD for Research & Development. Sheree Fu, Research & Development Librarian.

Special Collections

Carrie Marsh, AD for Special Collections.

DH-Related Units

Center for Digital Initiatives. Geographic Information Systems Services. Staff. Projects. Warren Roberts, GIS Librarian and GIS Lab Director. Allegra Gonzalez, Digital Initiatives Librarian. Chris Jones, Digital Production Librarian. Gabriel Jaramillo, Digitization Specialist. Scholarship @ Claremont. Claremont Colleges Digital Lirary (CCDL). Oral Histories. Manuscripts and Letters. Fine and Graphic Arts. American Occupation of Japan. Campi Phlegraei. EEW Notebooks. Gradual. Handbook of CA Indians. Italian Rennaisance Manuscripts. Mission Matrimonial Records. Gold Rush Letters. Nag hammadi Gnostic Scriptures. 500 autographed letters and manuscripts. Theater Letters. Political Posters. Architectural drawings. Images. Samella Lewis collection. Native Amerian Watercolors. Murals. Paintings, prints, scuplture. Antiquities. 19-21th photographs. Claremont Colleges. City of Claremont and Pomona College history. Murals of Northern Ireland. Pitzer murals. Goya. Chikanobu. Subtopic.

Campus IT

Undergraduate. Graduate. CUC. CMC. HMC. Pitzer. Pomona. Scripps. CGU. KGI. John McDonald, Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer. Cynthia Humes, CTO. Joseph Vaugn, CIO. Experience: UCLA DH Center and NEH grants. Elizabeth Hodas, Director of Computing and Information Services. Joanne Zhang, Assistant Director, Computing - User Services. 909.607.7124. Kyle Butts, Assistant Director, Computing - Technical Services. 909.607.2879. Ken Pflueger, Executive Director/CIO. Mary McMahon, Director of Instructional Services. Jeffrey Sessler, Director of Information Technology. Susan Kullman, IT-FITS Project Manager. Travis Wynberry, Chief Information Officer. Carleen Shaffer, Director of Academic Computing. William Roberts, Information Technology Director.


Pomona. CMC. Martina Ebert, Director, Office of Foundation and Corporate Relations. Lora Hess, Director of Foundation and Corporate Relations.

Potential Academic Collaborators

List of campuses that could act as collaboratorating institutions in a local DH project.

Southern Califorma. Northern California. Private. Public. DH SoCal Community Site. "We created the DHSoCal site with the hope that it would evolve into a virtual meeting place and bulletin board for events relevant to faculty, students and support staff in southern California with an interest in digital humanities...". Private. Public. Occidental. USC. Whittier. UCLA. UCSB. Stanford. UC Berkeley. Center for Digital Learning & Research. Center for Transformative Scholarship. Center for Digital Humanities. Digital Humanities Minor. Alan Liu. Center for Information Technology & Society. Transcriptions Porject. The Human Experience. Doreen B. Townsend Center for the Humanities. Emphasis. The CDLR currently focuses on projects and practices that experiment with forms of public scholarship, model more open forms of scholarly communication, or take advantage of new learning spaces.. Undergraduate work. Occidental's CDLR also pointedly engages with undergraduates. In addition to teaching courses that experiment with technologically-engaged pedagogies, the CDLR team supports faculty in the exploration of new course designs and assignments, regularly advises students working on advanced research projects, consults with new student organizations interested in digital technologies, and collaborates with a team of digital scholarship student assistants.. Educational Events & Activities. Staff, Mellon Fellows and Support. Mission. The Center for Transformative Scholarship (CTS) facilitates, explores, tests, and advances new media and networked scholarship for scholarly research, analysis, and publication. The CTS is a university-wide resource, hosted by USC Libraries, USC College, and the USC School of Cinematic Arts.. Location. Doheny Memorial Library for administration, seminars, programming, and access to collections and at the Institute for Multimedia Literacy (IML) on West Adams for laboratory workspace, faculty and student workshops, and design and online publication activities.. Emphasis. Staff Advisors. Campus programs they collaborate with. Staff. High Tech Happy Hours. Speaker Series. THATcamp Socal hosts. Twitter feed @OxyCDLR. Mellon Fellows. The CDLR's Mellon Postdoctoral fellows lead and partner with faculty on research projects that incorporate advanced technologies, especially on projects that require technological engagements beyond those services regularly supported by Occidental's Information Technology and Instruction + Research groups.

Projects, Institutes & Centers

Institutional Centers. Model Projects & Initiatives. Organizations & Conferences. worldwide collaboration. University of Maryland. University of Nebraska. Brown. George Mason University. Hamilton. Haverford. NYPL Labs. Richmond. Stanford. UC Berkeley. UCLA. University College London. University of Pittsburgh. University of Virginia. TriCo Digital Humanities. Specific Projects. Longer Lists of Model Projects/Initiatives. Organizations. Conferences. Centernet. MITH. Center for Digital Research in the Humanities. Library Center for Digital Scholarship. Center for History and New Media. Digital Humanities Initiative DHi. John B. Hurford '60 Humanities Center. Digital Scholarship Lab. The Human Experience. Doreen B. Townsend Center for the Humanities. Center for Digital Humanities. Centre of DH. DM@Pitt. IATH. Swarthmore. Haverford. BrynMawr. Sites in the Valley of the Kings. Hidden Patterns of the Civil War. Mapping the Republic. The Law in Slavery and Freedom. Matrix. Data visualization and history. Allegra's links. gwidgetoff's links. Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO). HASTAC. National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education (NITLE). Society for Textual Scholrship. Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) Consortium. Digital Humanities Summer Institute. THATCamp (The Humanities & Technology Camp). Day of Digital Humanities. Digital Humanities 2012. "Re: Humanities: A Symposium on Digital Media in Academia. HASTAC Event Listing. The Chicago Colloquium on Digital Humanities and Computer Science (DHCS). Society for Textual Scholarship. Staff. Structure. Staff, fellows, support. Staff. The Spatial History Project. Social Explorer. The Aurora Project. Texas Slavery Project. Association for Literary & Linguistic Computing (ALLC). Association for Computers & the Humanities (ACH). Society for Digital Humanities / Société pour l'étude des médias interactifs (SDH/SEMI) (Canadian). Digital Humanities Institute.

DH Definitions & Resources

Defining DH. CLIR Survey of Digital Humanities Centers in the United States.