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Advanced Operations Management - S2

The strategic role & objectives of operation


=> expectations

Consumer's perspective

Dynamic state

Product. Services. People. Processes. Environment.

compete in global marketplace


Total Quality Business approach to maximise competitiveness

contnual improvement.

Key characteristics

Strategically based. customer focus. obsession w quality. scientific approach. long-term commitment. teamwork. employee involvement. empowerment. continual process improvement. bottom-up education & training. freedom thru' control. unity of purpose.

Meaning of Quality

Perspective. Producer's. Consumer's. Production I I Quality of Conformance. Marketing I I Quality of Design. Conforms to specs. Cost. Quality characteristics. Price. Fitness for consumer use.

Project Quality Dimensions

Performance. Feature. Reliability. Conformance. Durability. Serviceability. Aesthetics. efficiency -> purpose. perform consistently. supplement basic peformance. adherance to quantifiable specifications. tolerate stress / trauma. repaired. subjective characteristics. easily. cheaply. taste. feel. sound. look.

Service Quality Dimensions

Tangibles. Responsiveness. Assurance. physical appearance. Service Reliability. knowledge. courtesy. inspire. facility. equipment. personnel. compunctions equipment. ability. willigness. trust. confidence.


Perceived Quality. TQM. Quality Assurance. Quality Control. Inspection. image. recognition. word of mouth. Whole operation involved. Quality strategy. Teamwork. Staff empowerment. involves customers & suppliers. Quality Systems. Quality costing. Problem solving. Quality planning. Statistical methods. Process performance. Quality standards. Error detection. Rectification.

Function Perspectives

Engineering. Supply Chain. Strategic Mgmt. Marketing. Financial. Human Resource. Empathy. modeling techniques. biz processes. perceived quality. reduction of defects. improved org performance. employees. caring individualized attention. apply mathematical problem-solving. commitment. action.