3 ways to use Web conferencing to improve your customer relationships

Contention: a great way to improve relationships with your customers

What is web conferencing?

One on one (eg spontaneous, can even be started via an Outlook plug-in)

Video/audio/presentation plays on your computer screen and through your speakers.

One to many (eg webinars)

Can be recorded for later as well

Way 1: Share a design with your client to quickly work through the details

Architectural drawings

Graphic artists

Complex engineering or technical designs

Way 2: Reach a broad audience

Product updates / annoucements

Record and share file with clients if they couldn't make it

Way 3: For improving customer service or sales success

Show prospects some of your previous work, without risk of them saving a copy or having time to copy your IP

Teach them how to load up their account details on your web site

Get your customer's buy-in (or any urgent feedback) on your solution by seeing key parts of your solution before your presentation if you're in a competitive situation.

Can be a quick "have you got a moment" phone call

Informal, can be used to get outside any formal meeting restrictions in a tightly run bid process.


Easy to set up

All you need is a web cam and microphone (often embedded in new laptops these days)

Great to help you get closer to your customers.

Appendix: Popular web conferencing applications (I'll contribute this bit - out of scope for author)

Microsoft's Live Meeting (renamed Lync)

Cisco's WebEx

Citrix's Go To Meeting

Skype (using screen sharing functionality)

You've finished your presentation